Thursday, 13 November 2014

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Saturday, 8 March 2014



Dedicated to women Everywhere.

It isn’t my gender that makes me write
It’s that I want to be a defender of women’s rights
Of humanity too: particularly the oppressed.
We are not few who pursue this quest.

Me and the Deity

Me and the Deity, we’re OK
I talk to my God every day.
God knows my downfalls, the secrets I keep
Thoughts, problems confessions locked in so deep
They weigh so heavily like sunken stone
Shame me and pain me if left alone

I can shrug of misdemeanour and those stray bad thoughts,
The ‘f’ word I used that silence I brought
When I accused God of bringing disease, diversity and some good.
God forgave me. As only she could.

Margaret Rowland

Malala Yousefsai deserves to be recognised for her bravery. So do many, but she has my wholehearted admiration. This is dedicated to her. Spoken through a parent's eyes.

Malala Yousefsai
I named her
My daughter
After poetess and warrior.
She grew
In our home
with her family
no barrier
absorber of knowledge
Spokeswoman for education
at eleven
the deranged idea
that women should remain
by those who feared change
at home
with a womb
and children.
Malala is proud
To be Muslim
A Sunni
Eager to learn
be useful
Attend school.
her destiny was
to catch a bullet.
How she lived is a mystery
The rest will be history.

Margaret Rowland

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Poetry - Self Published - In Praise of Rail - by David Leslie Urion

I wanted to share this with the TWC as it has a long story behind it.  A fellow poet of the Stanza Mar Menor Group brought his poems every month to our group for comment and scrutiny.  David worked for two years to assemble a collection of poems about the railways in England, Scotland and Wales.  He is an enthusiast, and I think he has been successful in compiling a book of poems that have, social importance, factual information, humour and exhibits a poetic style all of his own.   Here is his own blurb!

Margaret Rowland

It´s Chuffing Magic!...

Written by award-winning poet and creative writing tutor David Leslie Urion, this WordPlay published book is now available to buy via and in traditional print and Kindle formats.

If your readers/members/subscribers or friends quote code 3XDM69GF when purchasing the book via between the 1st and 31st of March they will be entitled to a 10% discount off the retail price.
Industry discounts are available to museums, bookshops and other retail outlets.

In Praise Of Rails is a nostalgic collection of fifty railway-related poetic gems that will inspire you to find out more about the memorable locomotives, events, people and places that have shaped our island race´s unique obsession with all things trains, that began with the starch-shirted days of Stephenson´s Rocket and still survives today with the sleek and sexy Eurostar. Love `em or hate `em you can´t get away from trains in the UK. Everywhere you go, from the biggest city to the most solitary spot, you´re sure to find new generation rolling stock or ancient relics to remind you of Britain´s great railway heritage not too far away if you look hard enough. This is not just an excellent insightful poetry collection, it delves into and celebrates the social fabric and factual history of Britain too.
Famous locomotives have been written about; Sir Nigel Gresley, Mallard, Tornado, Flying Scotsman, Northern Belle, the Jacobite that runs along Scotland´s west coast (undisputed greatest railway journey in the world), plus coal shunters, miniature railways, lost lines, stations, tunnels, secret sidings, boat trains, the importance of the navvies, Woodham´s scrapyard in Barry, a restored signal box, National Railway Museum and STEAM museum to name but a few.