Saturday, 28 December 2013


One of our popular members has lost her dog - please if you see Misty Blue

call 677 110 974 - thanks! ps Misty is docile and friendly and much loved.

Sunday, 1 December 2013

TWC has another Published Writer

Congratulations to TWC member and writer Alan Gillespie who has had his article -
'Chocoholics Day Out' published along with his photos in the December edition of TIM on page 8.

The magazine is out now and is also available online.

posted by Rob Innis

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Poetry Please!

Torrevieja Writer's Circle includes several poets in the membership and, from time to time, we are asked to put poems on the Circle Blog. Last week's suggested subject was STARLIGHT and member Heather Gingele' poem garnered several requests to see it in print, so to speak - so here it is. 

Sometimes the stars do not exist
Obscured behind the thickening mist
Of cloud punched up by weather's fist

Sometimes they are beyond our sight
In darkness, hidden by our light
By our electric day from night

Yet they shine forever in our minds
As metaphor for better times
When we cross the artificial lines

Drawn by the practice of our days
That keeps us in the darkened haze
Of blinkered thoughts and bridled ways

Starlight, up high but inside too
May pierce the fog and give the view
Of what we can, not cannot do

Starlight’s a dream that can inspire
Freedom from a prison’s wire
And hope to reach for ever higher

Showcase Reading for Beatles' Inspired Play at Torrevieja Writer's

Phil McNulty

The Ticket to Write Festival, a showcase for original plays selected from a wide international entry of short works on a Beatles Theme, was held at the Unity Theatre, Liverpool, in July.
Produced by experienced industry professionals and showcased by actors from the Ace Drama Theatre Company, the Festival takes the form of a competition. With writers from the USA and throughout the UK making the final, this annual cultural event reinforces the continuing world-wide appeal of The Beatles
Making the cut in this select group this year was Torrevieja Writer’s Circle member Phil McNulty, a published travel writer, essayist, poet and author of the political thriller ‘Deep State’ – available for Kindle from
Phil’s fifteen minute play ‘Darren and George’ focuses on the ‘quiet’ Beatle George Harrison, a tribute to the band’s lead guitarist to mark the 70th anniversary of his birth.
Torrevieja Writer’s Members will have the opportunity to hear the play as writer McNulty delivers a reading of ‘Darren and George’ at the meeting on November 27 at The Olympia, Mil Palmeras. Described as an encounter on a Liverpool railway station, the two-hander will also feature writer-member Tom Fratarolli in the twenty minute performance.

For more information:

Monday, 18 November 2013


The Annual Celebratory lunch for Torrevieja Writers is set for 4 December; this is a Wednesday and by common consent, at a recent meeting, members decided to forgo writing and go straight to lunch!  The suggested subject for the day, winter, can be held over until the New Year or indeed be an inspiration for a piece on the weather right now!
The lunch will be at La Finca de Eduardo – on the road from Cabo Roig to San Miguel de Salinas – and cost will be 12.95€ per person for 3 courses, not including wine but there will be a Cava reception on arrival. The Christmas menu offers a good selection and there will be a vegetarian option.

Unfortunately we are not able to subsidise this this year due to higher costs for weekly meetings.  

Christmas Party Menu

To Start

Homemade soup of the day, served with warm rustic bread
Chef’s recipe chicken liver pate, served with red onion compot, winter leaves and olive oil crostini’s
Classic prawn cocktail, small Atlantic prawns bound in Marie rose sauce on a bed of crisp salad leaves, with brown bread (€2.50 Supplement)
Melon and Serrano ham, drizzled with pomegranate reduction

To Follow 

Traditional roasted Turkey, served with all the trimmings, and a rich roasting jus
Roasted Chicken breast, served with all the trimmings, and a rich roasting jus
Beef Lasagne, served with garlic bread
Fish of the day

To Finish

 Traditional Christmas pudding, served with brandy cream
Bread and butter pudding
Fresh fruit salad
Selection of ice creams

If you would like to come to this festive event, please get in touch, either in person at the next meeting or two, or by email, phone etc. Also please advise if you wish to bring a partner.
If you have not been to La Finca, you can check it out at their website -  and then click through for travel directions should you need them.
Our other holiday tradition has been the Secret Santa; in a recent meeting, members present agreed that they would like to continue the tradition and set December 18 for the exchange of gifts to cost no more than 3€; names will be selected at the previous meeting – ie: 11 December.
18 December will be the last meeting for 2013; the first one after Christmas will be on 8 January 2014. Happy Holidays to one and all!

Friday, 15 November 2013

Multicoloured Hat Shows Up in Mil Palmeras

The Torrevieja Writers’ Group – based at The Olympic Restaurant, Mil Palmeras, recently hosted a presentation by local Author Barbra Dean, who debuted her highly original children’s story – ‘The Multicoloured Hat’ earlier this year via Ant Press, an English Publishing company based in Almeria.
Originally from the Home Counties, Barbra - following a career in journalism that included stints on local papers, corporate and fashion magazines - moved to Spain with her husband eight years ago. After a spell at She Magazine in the so called ‘swinging sixties’ Barbra took a step back to raise her two boys - during which time she brought fashion to the shires in her own column for the Watford Evening Post. At the age of fifty-five, wanting to revive a long buried dream, she undertook a University Course in Humanities and after 3 years became the proud owner of a BA Hons. Degree.
Since moving to Spain, Barbra joined an art class and planned the publication of her first book, ‘The Multicoloured Hat’ – a charming story aimed at the children’s market, the idea for which came to her whilst working at a playschool. Now published in paperback from Amazon, ‘The Multicoloured Hat’ is also available as an e-publication for  kindle,  kobo, i-pad etc. The paperback contains colouring pages that can also be downloaded for free at

The Torrevieja Writers Circle is now in its fifteenth year; it comprises a varied group of people (anyone is welcome over sixteen years of age) meeting weekly to read, discuss, inspire, and share their work of fiction, non-fiction, poetry  - in fact all genres of writing. Members include several published authors; prolific Nik Morton, whose twentieth book, ‘Blood of the Dragon Trees’ has just been published. John McGregor – ‘Fairy Tales of an SAC’ and the soon to be released  'A Flock of Female Friends', Gerry Wright – ‘Farrel’s Last Case’ and Rob Innis – ‘Spain Exposed’ are also members of the Torrevieja Writers Circle that meets every Wednesday morning from 11:00 – 13:00 in Las Palmeras.

Monday, 7 October 2013

The Language Workshop

The Language Workshop is a group of professional people, between the ages of 20 to 50, in the city of Murcia who regularly get together to improve their English. Now they would like to branch out and meet with native English speakers to get better at conversation whilst learning about English customs and culture, at the same time offering Spanish conversation to Anglos in return.
Maria Aliaga, from The Language Workshop, is therefore hosting a first social event (more are planned) at the Asturias Restaurant next Saturday, 12 October. Anyone wanting to improve their Spanish, extend help to Spaniards wanting to improve not only their English but also their employment options, will be warmly welcomed to join the party - over a specially arranged lunch – menu to include salad, meat or fish, dessert and a drink for an all-in price of 10 euros.
RSVP if you would like to come, so we have some idea of numbers.  Regards. Lisa. 

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Writer Suggestion for 2 October

As most of you know, I neglected to include a subject suggestion for Writers October 2 meeting - next Wednesday. So - after a very amusing hot pen yesterday am looking forward to seeing brilliant viewpoints on 'I used to think.........' Apologies to all for omission.
We are always talking about outlets for our writing, be it factual, fiction, poetry or farce; a good site that 'provides updated listing of paying and no-cost opportunities for literary and freelance writers. Maintained by writer-volunteers, this not-for-profit initiative is updated twice daily,7 days a week.' is

Monday, 19 August 2013

Wannabe a Wannabe??

Found this - new idea for a program for wannabe writers - have a look, could you face up to the agent??

The Wannabe a Writer TV Show

Rob Innis

Tuesday, 30 July 2013


I'm aware that I haven't updated information on writing competitions recently.  Fortunately for me I came across this website that has a long, long list.  It's boring and I would advise that you look at it in very small doses, but there is some interesting stuff in there and some competitions are FREE.  If you've got anything that's in shape ready to submit, then I urge you to have a long look.  Here it is   Good Luck  M

Thursday, 25 July 2013

I came across this the other day and want to share it - worth reading to the end :) Maureen

When I first started writing over a decade ago, I exulted in every new dialog tag I could think up. I preened over “he croaked” and purred over “she grumbled.” Finding new and inventive ways to say “he said” became my quest. 

My early works were peppered with gloats, murmurs, and barks. I even started a most coveted (only by me) list. 

How many words can you think of to say “he said” or “she said?” Here are some, in no particular order:


How many more can you think of? There are probably hundreds.

Okay, now that you’ve wracked your brain for tantalizing tags, let me share one very important lesson.


What? Such brilliance? Such innovative thought?

Yeah. Sorry. Forget it. Never use anything but “said,” “asked,” or an occasional “whisper” or “mumble.”
Once in a great while, if you feel you really need it, slip in a “spat” or “croaked.” But I’m here to tell you that dialog tags, for the most part, should be invisible. 

“Said,” is invisible. “Asked,” is invisible. “Barked” stops the flow of the dialog. Anything that makes your story stutter needs to be eliminated, including these juicy but totally distracting tags.

Got that part? 

Now that I’ve encouraged you to use “said,” I’m going to retract it.

Forgive me, but that’s just the way it is. If you can avoid a tag altogether–through the clever use of action “beats”– then more power to you. 

Here’s an example of changing a passage from lush useless tags, to he said/she said tags, to using beats instead of tags: 

Case A:

I maneuvered the van around the next pothole, and was about to congratulate myself for my superior driving skills when a series of washboard ruts nearly popped the fillings out of my teeth. 
“Want me to take over?” Tony wheedled.
“Why? Am I making you nervous?” I retorted, gripping the steering wheel until my knuckles turned white. 
“Of course not, sweetums. You’re a great driver. Just thought you might want a break,” he crooned.
We rounded the bend and the road disappeared. The crater before us could hold three elephants. Big elephants.
“Whoa! Watch it, honey. Don’t wanna blow a tire,” Tony groaned.


Case B

I maneuvered the van around the next pothole, and was about to congratulate myself for my superior driving skills when a series of washboard ruts nearly popped the fillings out of my teeth. 
“Want me to take over?” Tony said, leaning on the dashboard.
“Why? Am I making you nervous?” I said with a frown.
All smiles, he said, “Of course not, sweetums. You’re a great driver. Just thought you might want a break.”
We rounded the bend and the road disappeared. The crater before us could hold three elephants. Big elephants.
“Whoa! Watch it, honey. Don’t wanna blow a tire,” Tony said in a panic.


Case C

I maneuvered the van around the next pothole, and was about to congratulate myself for my superior driving skills when a series of washboard ruts nearly popped the fillings out of my teeth. 
Tony braced himself on the dash. “Want me to take over?” 
My knuckles turned white. “Why? Am I making you nervous?” 
“Of course not, sweetums.” He forced an innocent smile. “You’re a great driver. Just thought you might want a break.”
We rounded the bend and the road disappeared. The crater before us could hold three elephants. Big elephants.
Tony’s frozen smile barely hid his panic. “Whoa! Watch it, honey. Don’t wanna blow a tire.” 


Okay, so these examples aren’t beautifully written or perfectly rendered. But they should give you the gist of what I’m trying to illustrate about eliminating dialog tags altogether. They happen to be from an old draft of FOR THE BIRDS, the first book in my Tall Pines Mysteries. (

Now, go forth! Search and destroy those ugly, story-stopping tags. See how you can make your prose slide down easily, without one stutter. Good luck!

Aaron Paul Lazar

+CopyrightAaronPaulLazar2013 +Forwriters +Forreaders +Mysteries +LazarBooks


Saturday, 29 June 2013


Here is the list of subjects - suggestions only - distilled from Writer Members - for July - December 2013. Some queried title for December 25 - not a writing suggestion, merely a note for your diaries (it is on a Wednesday this year!)

03                    A LONG WAY FROM HEAVEN         
10                    THE COMMITTEE         
17                    MY BUCKET LIST        
24                    THE CALL OF THE SEA
31                    HOT PEN
07                    LAST CHANCE       
14                    A FAIRY TALE     
21                    BROKEN GLASS        
28                    HOT PEN        
04                    INHERITANCE        
11                    FEATHERS          
18                    AUTUMN        
25                    HOT PEN       
09                    OVER THE MOON         
16                    MY FIRST JOB         
23                    INCREDIBLE JOURNEY
30                    HOT PEN
06                    THE NIGHT TRAIN       
13                    IF THINGS WERE DIFFERENT        
20                    STARLIGHT                      
27                    HOT PEN        
04                    WINTER      
11                    ARGUMENT        
18                    ONCE UPON A TIME       
25                    CHRISTMAS DAY

Remember these are only suggestions. You can write on any subject and in any style.
Good Luck!!!!

Wednesday, 5 June 2013


Lying in one morning
a spider came, almost unnoticed,
no more than a slight sensation on the skin,
so easy to brush off with an instinctive disregard,
a subliminal inclination to wipe away.  
This black speck the size of two pinheads, no more
entertained me, engaged my focus
with its blackness and minuscule legs.
It’s so easy to sweep things away,
mentally; emotionally; physically;
but is it not the little things that matter most?                  

At the same time an Eagle Owl, feathers
flutter in the wind on a pylon nearby,
so large but dead for a week, in a
juxtaposition of power and death.

John Edwards © 12th May 2013

Monday, 27 May 2013

“Summer is a Promissory Note Signed in June ……

….. its long days spent and gone before you know it, and due to be repaid next January”; this quote, from the America journalist and author Hal Borland (famous for his ‘outdoor editorials’) sets us up for a group jaunt to La Mata Parque Natural.
As many of you may remember, earlier in the year Maureen suggested we might like to take a tour of the park. The members present on that day thought this a lovely idea so Maureen kindly discussed it with the Park people and has come up with a date – 7th June – for the event.
In case you have been away, and would like to come, herewith details.
We will meet up at 11:00 on Friday 7th June at the Centre – a renovated white house at the top of the car park just off the N332 at La Mata – where we will be treated to a talk and slideshow about the park and it history etc. This should take about half-an-hour; then we depart on a guided walk that will cover the wine route, bird island and the picnic area. Maureen promises that the walk is a very easy one and recommends bringing binoculars if you have them to get the best out of a great birding opportunity!
If some would prefer just to see the presentation, foregoing the walk, there are several places to get a good cup of coffee in the main square at La Mata which is accessed by an underpass by the N332 and a short walk down to the sea.
It would be helpful if people let Maureen know if they will be there on the day – she needs to co-ordinate the Park Volunteers etc so please either email Maureen or me (details on member list) by the end of the month if you are not going to be at writers in the meantime.
There will be no cost, unless people would like to get together for lunch afterwards. Maureen suggests the Felisa restaurant on the boardwalk as it's easy to find and park. Look forward to seeing you there. 

Monday, 6 May 2013

Two Websites to Look At

On 3rd May I introduced details of The 33rd Winchester Writers’ Conference, Festival and Bookfair.
This gives details of 17 different competitions but the closing date is very soon – on Friday 24th May.
This is their web site

CINNAMON PRESS is certainly worth a very good look. Apart from details of forthcoming competitions there are some very good items there. You should find some excellent reading in their short stories. You can find them on


How long or short a ‘short story’ needs to be will vary depending upon the competition. The same will also apply to ‘Flash Fiction’ which can be only an absolute bare minimum of words.  Some time ago I investigated an American website and these were their rules;

Fifty –five words or less
A setting
One or more characters
Some conflict
A resolution

The title is not included in the word count but no longer than seven words.