Sunday, 24 November 2013

Poetry Please!

Torrevieja Writer's Circle includes several poets in the membership and, from time to time, we are asked to put poems on the Circle Blog. Last week's suggested subject was STARLIGHT and member Heather Gingele' poem garnered several requests to see it in print, so to speak - so here it is. 

Sometimes the stars do not exist
Obscured behind the thickening mist
Of cloud punched up by weather's fist

Sometimes they are beyond our sight
In darkness, hidden by our light
By our electric day from night

Yet they shine forever in our minds
As metaphor for better times
When we cross the artificial lines

Drawn by the practice of our days
That keeps us in the darkened haze
Of blinkered thoughts and bridled ways

Starlight, up high but inside too
May pierce the fog and give the view
Of what we can, not cannot do

Starlight’s a dream that can inspire
Freedom from a prison’s wire
And hope to reach for ever higher

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