Monday, 25 February 2013

TJ Miles - Back from Morocco

Another member of our disparate group is TJ Miles, international artist.

Great to see his latest travels (Morocco) have inspired him to paint again - and maybe he will also share some of his written creations with us soon.

For more see here

Posted by Rob Innis

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Congratulations to today's readers

I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed our meeting today.  The varied styles and the individual approach was amazing.  So much poetry warms the cockles of my heart if you'll excuse the cliche.

Just wanted to say thank you.  What will next week bring I wonder?

Margaret Rowland

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Words with Jam Competition

This from the WWJ site:

"Words with JAM
First Page Competition 2013

Our popular first page competition is back. We're looking for the most captivating first page (up to 400 words) of a story. Entries can be from a novel previously unpublished, a part written novel, or simply a first page written purely for the competition. Entries will be judged anonymously.

1st Prize - £500
2nd Prize - £100
3rd Prize - £50.........................."

For more click here

Good luck!
Posted by Rob Innis

Thursday, 14 February 2013

My Homework  by  Gerry Carton

My books stacked high full of knowledge
Pen in hand, ink ready to flow.
This is my gate way to college
But first each answer blow by blow

The first hour passes I'm off and running
Two subjects down and four to go
Maths was a breeze but French is looming
What interest to me Monsieur Latour's beau

The weight of history makes me dour
The armada sinks without a trace
My favourite program starts in an hour
I want to see it now it's a race

Dickens poses questions deep and weighty
He's not the only one with Hard Times
For inspiration I look to The Almighty
Oh no! Is that the clock's chimes?

Finally I've reached the last, it's biology
Describe an operation and leave no doubt
A flash of inspiration, I have the technology
I grab a text book and rip it's appendix out.

My Demon  by  Gerry Carton

Dark corners where monsters hide,
Shadows playing tricks with my mind.
Alone here I must bide,
In this cage of fear I'm confined.

Longing for my dad's strong arms
Wrapped around me like a safety net.
Keeping me protected from all life's harms
Telling me I no longer need to fret

But my only company is the demon
Lurking behind every curtain.
Creeping into my peripheral vision
It's coming to get me of that I'm certain.

Too scared to give in to sleep
Gotta keep watch it might swoop
But tiredness begins to creep
Like a rope of darkness closing it's loop

Morning light opens my eyes
Last nights terrors have evaporated
My world's at peace under brand new skies
My demon has packed up and departed

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Comments Please

Because the Poem I read this morning was a 'work in progress'  I thought I would put it on the Blog and ask for your comments.  I particularly don't like the pace of stanza six, the metre, it seems to me, is all wrong, so comments would be very welcome.  Please comment on the rhyme scheme, but I do like random rhyme, if it's off, I don't mind and if it's repeated I don't mind.  Sometimes it grates a bit, but with out loud reading (the sort of poetry I like)  It's fun.  Here it is!

Unlock Love


Love is out there I know

the scribbled Graffiti tells me so.

R writes, R hearts J, forever

R asks will we be parted?  J answers.  Never


Some are artists, neat and tidy,

some written on Monday are crossed out on Friday.

Some psychedelic in spiralled hues

have taken Eros as their muse.


Lovers would give a lock of hair, a token,

a remembrance of a moment stolen,

a promise never to be broken,

secreted pledges of devotion.


Love, shout out loud, a declaration

embrace freedom,  emancipation.

No ties to love, a spirit free

that allows you; me; and sometimes we.


Why lock love to bridge and rail

love for eternity cast in goal.

With etched dates, initials riveted verse,

what pledge could possibly be worse?


Keys to locks dumped at sea,

love barred, is that our destiny.

What if lovers are locked in misery

and that vital key, buried at sea?


Cold metal hanging from a rail

chained love is always doomed to fail.

Love’s not static, it has lows and highs.

In a moment, can catch you by surprise.


Chained love is not for me

love isn’t bondage. It’s free

to seize at every opportunity

unchain it now for posterity.


©Margaret  Rowland2013

Sunday, 3 February 2013


Thanks to Maureen for blog suggestions for Torrevieja writers, whether in Spain now - or not. Some good ideas for posting and getting critiques long distance as well as poem postings etc.
The mechanics of the blog have been changing as Google upgrade - so if anyone is at a loss as to how to access the blog - specifically for posting and comments, send me, Lisa, an email and will send explanation by return.
Credit for cartoon - :// - Why You Should Blog- 20 reasons why you should including one headed You Want to Write A Book. 

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Calling all 'absent' members! While you're away in the tropical paradise of the UK or elsewhere, why not submit your work to our blog for a free critique by your fellow writers/aspiring writers in the group? In exactly the same way we do it in person, i.e. positive comments only, plus any useful feedback or ideas for getting published. The same applies to articles which are too long to read aloud. 
Are you a poet? How about post your poem/s on the blog so we can spend more time thinking about our feedback?  As you know, poetry isn't just about sound, and many of us would appreciate the opportunity to read your work again before feeling able to comment.
The question of jeopardising future publication chances shouldn't apply if the work is only on our own blog (visible therefore to members only) and is only on it for a few days at a time, in which case it hasn't been 'published' as such, just sent to friends for feedback using email. Does anyone think this is considered 'publishing'?
You can take your work off the blog any time you want.
Your (polite) responses/ideas to our esteemed chairman Lisa, please.