Saturday, 2 February 2013

Calling all 'absent' members! While you're away in the tropical paradise of the UK or elsewhere, why not submit your work to our blog for a free critique by your fellow writers/aspiring writers in the group? In exactly the same way we do it in person, i.e. positive comments only, plus any useful feedback or ideas for getting published. The same applies to articles which are too long to read aloud. 
Are you a poet? How about post your poem/s on the blog so we can spend more time thinking about our feedback?  As you know, poetry isn't just about sound, and many of us would appreciate the opportunity to read your work again before feeling able to comment.
The question of jeopardising future publication chances shouldn't apply if the work is only on our own blog (visible therefore to members only) and is only on it for a few days at a time, in which case it hasn't been 'published' as such, just sent to friends for feedback using email. Does anyone think this is considered 'publishing'?
You can take your work off the blog any time you want.
Your (polite) responses/ideas to our esteemed chairman Lisa, please.

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