Thursday, 14 February 2013

My Demon  by  Gerry Carton

Dark corners where monsters hide,
Shadows playing tricks with my mind.
Alone here I must bide,
In this cage of fear I'm confined.

Longing for my dad's strong arms
Wrapped around me like a safety net.
Keeping me protected from all life's harms
Telling me I no longer need to fret

But my only company is the demon
Lurking behind every curtain.
Creeping into my peripheral vision
It's coming to get me of that I'm certain.

Too scared to give in to sleep
Gotta keep watch it might swoop
But tiredness begins to creep
Like a rope of darkness closing it's loop

Morning light opens my eyes
Last nights terrors have evaporated
My world's at peace under brand new skies
My demon has packed up and departed

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