Thursday, 14 February 2013

My Homework  by  Gerry Carton

My books stacked high full of knowledge
Pen in hand, ink ready to flow.
This is my gate way to college
But first each answer blow by blow

The first hour passes I'm off and running
Two subjects down and four to go
Maths was a breeze but French is looming
What interest to me Monsieur Latour's beau

The weight of history makes me dour
The armada sinks without a trace
My favourite program starts in an hour
I want to see it now it's a race

Dickens poses questions deep and weighty
He's not the only one with Hard Times
For inspiration I look to The Almighty
Oh no! Is that the clock's chimes?

Finally I've reached the last, it's biology
Describe an operation and leave no doubt
A flash of inspiration, I have the technology
I grab a text book and rip it's appendix out.

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