Friday, 14 August 2009

Swearing, telegrams and sex

Meeting of 12 August, 2009.

Some apologies but a good attendance with 14 members.

Swear in
We dived straight in with Glynn’s second chapter of ‘We’re in the Army Now!’ As before, the members were so intent on listening to the story that few comments were made about the writing! There was some discussion as to whether Glynn should bowdlerise it or not. Leaving in some swearing seemed appropriate to give it the ring of truth and add flavour without totally alienating any sensitive souls. Too many books and films tend to go overboard with swearing and it’s not necessary. We all look forward to the next chapter when Glynn returns from his tomato-throwing jaunt.

Hotel hots
Brenda showed us Bell’s passionate reconciliation with Richard. From pub to hotel room in a trice. Again, good description just needs tightening in parts – and don’t forget Bell’s coat in the pub!

Waiting for George
Ian had many an eye filled with a tear or two with his rendering of ‘Trapped’, about an old lady who is waiting for George, her husband. Excellent. Ian says it was inspired by the book he’d just read, The Secret Scripture. This has to go somewhere so it is read widely.

An explosive combination
Heather read the second part of her long story – she has knocked off 1,000 from the original 6,000 words. The main man seems to be a ‘bomber’ seeking revenge or something else after the deaths of his family in the Middle East. A little debate ensued about the main character’s motivation and his sensibilities. All agreed that dialogue brought the characters alive.

Have bike, will travel
Maureen read her experiences quad biking, a factual piece which definitely had us there with her, astride the deafening monstrous machines, especially on those quite steep and forbidding slopes. Not for the faint-hearted!

Poetry games
Christina read a poem in which she owned up to being besotted by a computer game played on Facebook. Good poem, but are you game enough to put the game aside to concentrate on writing? Difficult one, that.

Don’t shoot the messenger
Douglas read out an affecting story about a telegram boy during the Second World War. We felt for the lad. It was pointed out that a couple of characters’ names might need changing, from Harry Webb (Cliff Richard’s real name) and Mrs Matthews, who had a foot-balling son (Stanley?)
Serves him right!
Complete with sound effects, Jenny read out a humorous piece about a husband on the phone, bemoaning the fact that his wife has left him. As we listen, we can well understand and sympathise with the absent spouse! Has potential for a magazine as it will bring plenty of smiles and knowing nods of heads. Alter the last words, though…

Friend pen
Finally, Mary K has – as so often – turned an idea on its head and it works. She gave us an intriguing poem about her friend, the pen, which seems to write of its own accord. If only we could all possess such a clever instrument!

I’m away next week so will be sorry to miss some continuing stories. Rob is standing in. Thanks, Rob.

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