Thursday, 14 April 2011

 Numerous apologies but even so, 19 present.

Ian kicked off with an interesting biog of Yuri Gagarin since it was the 50th anniversary of the first manned space flight just the day before.

Avril read a piece about a violent attack on her some years ago.

Mary K´s poem "A Line a Day" was a cry of woe over the incursions of age or sun on the skin.

Mary Sykes wrote on the theme about her first wages for a Saturday job at Woolworth´s. ( 13/9d - in today´s money, 40p)

Chris J´s was on the other theme "I passed" about the, to her, unexpected repurcussions of passing the 11+.

 Anne Flynn continued her "Dementia Diary", which had our heroine trying to post some cards in a Radar Speed Trap!

John McGregor continued his Life Writing OU piece with the letter the girl sends in reply to the New Zealand soldier´s introduction of himself as a possible pen friend.

Glyn´s PTSS soldier, having murdered a prostitute, goes home to visit his mum and meets a "nice girl".

Brenda´s Belle visited a doctor after her rape and found it hard to explain why exactly she was there.

Rita had an unusual piece about the Gam people from a tiny kingdom north of Ghana.

Nan had another go at the synopsis for her novel but it was thought still to need paring down and so she´s going for another rewrite!

Pamela didn´t get to read hers so she´ll be first up next week.

Good meeting with a fair amount of discussion as well as the readings.

Chris J


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  1. Looking forward to the next meeting.