Saturday, 10 December 2011

Blog for 7/12/11

21 persons attended. Chris J passed round the menus for the Christmas menu del dia. She volunteered to be the  person  to contact for those who wished to order their meal and were absent on the 7th. There followed a discussion on Jenny's proposal to run a secret santa on the day of the meal. All those attending would draw a name from a pool and buy a gift, maximum cost of 2 euros, and enclose with the gift a clue to the identity of the donor. We all agreed it was a good idea and hope details can be finalised at next weeks meeting.
     Douglas drew attention to a proposal of the British Legion to begin a scheme for volunteers to read to people with limited eyesight. I believe they have publicised the scheme in the free press.
     We have received an email from a man requesting information  about our region for the purpose of promoting tourism to the area.  John Edwards volunteered to undertake this.
      Douglas was the first to read about joining a procession in Torrevieja with a contingent from the British Legion which turned out to be quite shambolic. The piece was entitled "How on earth did Spain manage to win the World Cup?"

      Gerry read Part one of a proposed tale of a Detective Nelson, who had been transferred to NYPD from San Antonio, Texas, and is partnered by a Mexican American, with a smattering of banter about the Alamo.
They are on the murder squad and are called out when a body is found. I'd like to know more, for one.

     John Mac's piece was called 'The Prisoner' . which was a twist as it involved an ex service friend who had gone into the prison service on the Isle of Wight and felt himself just as imprisoned as his charges as he lived in Home Office property by the prison walls. From being the game for a laugh being John remembered he was now a very depressed soul, who had been sickened by the brutality of prison life.

      Brenda's children's story was on the theme of Neighbours, about a large oak tree in a wood. It had several tenants in it's apartments including Clarice Starling and her family who are preparing to fly south for the approaching winter and a family of squirrels looking for accommodation

      Chris J gave her tongue in cheek[I hope)view by way of a poem on neighbours. From hell springs to mind.

      Mary read a prose piece about another invasive neighbouur disturbing her Sunday peace and quiet. It was entitled 'Love thy Neigghbour' but I'm sure one would have to have the patience of Job to bear her experience.

      Avril wrote a poem about the post Christmas blues which eventually follow the rush in the run up to the festivities. I think we could all sympathise and wonder why we put ourselves through it year on year.

      John E wrote of a trip he undertook to a national park with friends, where they were fortunate enough to see 70 species of the local fauna, including the elusive lynx. Sorry John if I have the wrong locale but i heard it as Andujar in the Sierra Morena.

      Janes piece was another of her memories of running a gite in France, entitled 'Four in a Bed' concerning a lady's outlandish request to accommodate her dysfunctional  family who were not on speaking terms.I think that Jane ought to have been in the diplomatic service.

     Anne G's poem on the theme told of how she feels her neighbours here in Spain take more interest in other's welfare and hark back to times when she was young and the rat race was non existent

     TJ read a short piece about the time he was drunk and snogged Hazel O'Connor.  A song on the car radio had jogged his memory.


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