Sunday, 5 February 2012

What Are You Reading?

Another good turnout for this week's meeting.

Ian advised that this month's copy of "The Writing Magazine "was available for the members to borrow.

Jane advised that the collection amongst members had raised 230 euros  and that she had been in touch with Paul Cunningham Nurses and hoped that a member of the organisation would attend to collect the donation.

Ian stated the he was looking forward to hearing from all the members about what they were reading.

Betty:            "Winter in Madrid" was Betty's choice an came highly recommended especially to those who had visited this wonderful city.

Margaret:       "Fall of Giants" was discussed at great length by the members along with some of Ken Follet's other works. Margaret's criticism of this book was that the characters lived happily ever after.

Kathy:            "The Girl Who Played With Fire" Kathy thought was a racy novel packed with incident a that she was looking forward to reading the others in the trilogy despite the problems with name pronunciation. Discussion took place on foreign novels being translated into English. It was recommended to those that have not read these books by Steig Larrsen to read them in order as they would make more sense.

Heather.         "Extremely Loud......." Heather found this book extremely sad but a great read. It was pointed out that this book was the basis of Tom Hank's new film.

Mary M:        "Doomsday Kiss" is a suspense thriller and a really good exciting read.

Cynthia:        "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo" was the choice of Cynthia who thought this book was full of good characters and flowing prose.

Alan W:        "Getting Our Way" is a book of a diplomats anecdotes about his experiences around the world representing Britain's best interests.

John M:         "Stirred But Not Shaken" is the life story of TV chef Keith Floyd who has become an icon as far as John is concerned.

Chris:            "Death Of Faith" is a Brunetti murder mystery by Donna Leon and is book number 6 of 21 which shows how popular this series has become.

Mary S:        "Black Diamonds" was Mary's choice as the book is set in her former home area and tells the story of the Fitzwilliam dynasty and their ancestral home - Wentworth House.

Mary K:       "The Hitchhiker" is a tale of an investigation into missing youngsters.

Avril:            "The Diana Directive" Avril thought was a well told and intriguing story including the conspiracy to murder Princess Diana.

Anne G:       "The Devil Rides Out" is the second of TV star Paul O'Grady's autobiographys and is full of caustic observations.

Douglas:      "Tales Of An SAC" was the choice of Douglas who did not reveal the title until after he had reviewed these humourous anecdotes of service life.

Judy:            "The Accused" is a crime novel based on facts.

John E:         "Our Kind Of Traitor" is an intriguing story of criminality somewhat removed from the norm of John Le Carre.

Heinke:         "Oryx andCraike" is a typical Margaret Attwood classic which does not fit into any genre other than being "off-the-wall".

TJ:                This was not so much a review but an announcement of the publication of Rob's articles etc. on Kindle. No doubt Rob will elaborate on this when he next attends the group but this item certainly stimulated discussion on ebooks and Kindle.

Ian:              "The Thousand Autumns Of Jacob De Zoet" is a well told story of life in Japan in the early 1800's. It is full of rich characters as well as having an excellent plot.

All of the above reviews stimulated conversation and discussion which could not be elaborated upon here but if any member wants info on any of the books reviewed then they should contact the individual member.


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