Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Kindle Minted

When I was in the UK recently I purchased a Writers Forum magazine - they had published an interview with Kerry Wilkinson who, following successful eBook sales, has now signed a contract with Pan Macmillan. I wrote a letter for the WF letters page which has been published in their June edition (albeit with minor edits)

Having seen the internet headlines regarding Kerry Wilkinson’s success with signing a Pan Macmillan book deal following his amazing eBook sales, I was intrigued to read his interview (#126 May issue)  and learn the secrets of his success.
There is consistent hype about fully using all of the electronic tricks (Facebook, blogs etc) at our disposal to market our books. However Kerry freely admits that he did ‘Very little indeed’ in the way of marketing.
I did think his strategy of writing a series and making the first one virtually free was a clever marketing ploy and all, initially, without the help of agents.
His last response advising writers to get on and self-publish because if you are good enough you will get noticed is a valuable contribution to the great current traditional versus self-publishing  debate.
Well done, Kerry Wilkinson. Obviously a good writer and a clear thinker who deserves success.


Well maybe my own modest eBook efforts will not lead to a Pan Macmillan contract but never mind - at least I have a new Moleskine notebook to look forward to for getting my letter published.

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