Tuesday, 8 May 2012

A Recipe For Success – The Torrevieja Writer’s Circle

Another recent Torrrevieja Writer, John Major, is added to the Circle’s illustrious alumni with the publication of his new book ‘A Recipe for Disaster’ by Old Line Publishing. 
The book follow the travails of Joe Henry and his wife Susan who began their rollercoaster ride through life despite the objections of both sets of parents. Add their mismatched social and religious differences into the mix and you have ‘A Recipe for Disaster’. Their life is a journey filled with joy and laughter, with a side order of misfortune and tears. Set mostly in the Ireland of the 1960s and onwards, the Henrys are a unique and entertaining family that will provide you with hours of hearty laughter.

Says John – who, by the way, is writing under the pen name John Henry; “the Publishers are in Maryland and the book is available from them in hard cover as well as being downloadable via Amazon. They have been fantastic. They designed the cover, edited it, put it into print and e book format etc and it hasn’t cost me a penny!”
For more information and how to buy: http://www.oldlinepublishingllc.com

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