Saturday, 14 July 2012

Is Amazon Kindle publishing the answer?

The traditional world of book publishing is in a state of turmoil as the impact of reading books electronically (eBooks/eReaders) continues to grab a larger slice of the market.

Writers, fed up with being rejected or ignored by literary agents and publishers have turned to self publishing and are either producing traditional books or taking the ‘e’ route and publishing eBooks.
Independent booksellers are under siege from the big chains, which also need to rethink their sales strategies whilst the online sellers, notably Amazon, continue to increase sales and expand their operations in Europe.

The current financial climate has meant, for many, new books are now a luxury and overall sales are dropping – taken from a recent report on Spanish Book sales:
“In the past five years, turnover has decreased by 11.2% and the number of
copies sold has reduced by 20.3%

Several members of TWC have taken the self publishing route.

Whilst others are in the ‘pipeline’. Of course the easy bit is the writing (!) the tricky bit is the marketing to generate sales in a very competitive market place.

I am pleased with my own modest efforts and sales are steadyon the Amazon Kindle platform so I would recommend all budding authors to research this option if agents are not waving lucrative contracts under their noses.

Rob Innis

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