Friday, 16 November 2012

Books4Spain - Special Offers

Books4Spain is a great site for all types of books and ebooks about Spain both fiction and non fiction - currently lots of special offers.

This from their site.-

'Books4Spain is an online bookshop specialising in English language books about Spain or books set in Spain.
Books4Spain has been established, by Rod Younger, an Anglo-Spaniard, in response to the explosive growth in online mass market “soulless” book retailers, such as Amazon, and the continuing decline of the traditional independent bookshop with knowledgeable staff and an interesting collection of books.
The site has been designed to re-create the experience, attractions and benefits of a traditional bricks & mortar independent bookshop but with the added convenience afforded by the Internet and technology to offer better choice, an easier way to discover books about Spain and to enable our clients to discover Spain and its rich history and culture through books.'

Also see their blog - lots of author interviews and other interesting articles about Spain.

Rob Innis, TWC member, has published an ebook - Spain Exposed, which will shortly be available on B4S in standard EPUB format for those who have a non Kindle ereader.

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