Thursday, 20 December 2012


The Reach Out Charity, currently supporting  200 families in the Torrevieja area, are very appreciative of the donation The Torrevieja Writers were able to make to them last week and ask for continued support in various ways over the coming months.  

At present the charity is based in C. Bella Antonia in town and has a drop-in coffee shop where people can get a hot cuppa along with help and advice from the many international volunteers on hand. The Reach Out Centre Manager, Sandra Stephens said, in a recent article in The Leader newspaper; "Many of these people were drawn to Spain in the boom times where there were many well-paid jobs. But then the recession hit and they suddenly found themselves without jobs."

The centre also provides food parcels for families - small boxes with a few of the essentials of life, such as dried, tinned or preserved foods, rice, pasta or flour, cooking oil, UHT milk, processed cheese, lentils, beans and chick peas and tinned meats or fish. Also provided are baby foods, nappies and other toiletries and toilet rolls, and these items are particularly needed at present.

The charity is planning a move to larger premises in the near future at which time they will open a workshop to repair and renew old, donated furniture to be sold to help finance the charity.

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