Sunday, 26 April 2015

The Election is coming

I decided that I would try and write on each day running up to the election on 7th May. I failed on Day 34 - it didn't scan. However I wrote this one on Day 35.


They stood at their stations
those prospective incumbents;
interspersed with hopefuls,
the maybe balance makers.

Trial by TV, watched by the
party faithful, hoping for an 'edge'
or a slight upswing in the polls to
raise expectations beyond reality.

Is this charade going to make
any difference, except that we
could remember their faces?
Even the one who is not

contesting a Westminster seat
was there traveling to a country
she wants to sever from her own.
"Not in my generation" it was said

and now 'they' want to be in the
'English of Parliaments' to let
Black Rod witness the falling of the
Claymore on the mother of them all.

What can we believe? To cut, cut or
spend, spend more? It has a cost and
and so has debt. Maybe buy only a half
when a full pint is beyond small change.

John Edwards (C) 3rd April 2015.

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