Thursday, 8 October 2015

A Terrible Beauty

There was a good attendance of 22 people for this week's meeting.

 Before the reading started Ian announced that the winner of the writing competition as chosen by the editor and staff of "Costa Blanca People" was one of our newer members, Andrea Peers. He advised the members that the editor had shortlisted 3 contributions as the standard of writing was high and she had found it difficult to reach a decision so much so that she hoped to publish not only the winning entry but, space permitting, some of the others. Well done to all of you and, if you were not lucky, do not despair, keep on writing.

This week's subject was "A Terrible Beauty" and the consensus of opinion was that this was a difficult topic as it was almost a contradiction. Ian explained that it was part of a line of poetry by W., B. Yeats  relating to the Easter Uprising of 1916 and its aftermath where he foresees the start of the continual struggle against the British Government by the Irish Nationalists in their quest for independence. As usual the members rose to the challenge with written pieces on various forms of beauty. The topics included family relationships, the death of James Dean, the devil, aliens and vampires, the dropping of the atomic bomb, beauty being in the eyes of the beholder, the construction of spiders webs, workmates being demeaned by colleagues, community meetings,a Jihadist in oblivion,and an illiterate girl finding the pleasure of being taught to write her name.

 How is that for variety? The subject was hard to write about? I don't think so. You all came up with the goods!!!

Ian C

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