Friday, 19 December 2008

Welcome to the first ever blog from The Torrevieja Writing Circle and seasons greetings from all of us!

We are now on our Christmas and New Year break and our first 2009 meeting will be on:-

Wednesday 7th January at 11am at our regular venue:

The Olympia, Mil Palmeras (south of Torrevieja N332)


  1. Hello and Welcome to the Web! Rob told me of the new site so I thought I would look in and see what it said. You have the same background as my blog site!

    I wish you all a happy 2009.

    Penny Legg

  2. Cheers Penny - quite by co-incidence (or good taste!)

    You are welcome to join us when you are over...

  3. Ned says 'Hello'. Any jam sandwiches going?

  4. Thanks anonymous aka GD!

    No jam sandwiches are off!

  5. Thanks Rob for setting this up for the Circle.

  6. Chrissie Baby,
    Did you really think that Liames' talk was inspiring? I listened and digested her comments in a slightly different way. I agree that to have single minded views on the amount of endeavour, effort and self denial, necessary to produce 'publishable work'is admirable, but where on any scale would that equate to really important personal issues?

    You said that you were going to stop '1001' other things having precedent over your writing? I have six, as a bare minumum, which take precedence - spouse, family, extended family, health, good friends and possibly pets, are way ahead of the 'written word'. By her own admission, Liane put at least two on that list behind her ambition. Was I alone in the opinion that her talk was slightly Kate Winslettish??

    Anyway, Chris, that's my opinion. Another opinion is that you do not need to castigate yourself. Your poetry. I have always found, to be crisp, descriptive, informative and full of detail. So much so, that you have permission to delete Ben Adhem's name on the last line and insert Chris Johansson.

    Glyn and Ned

    p.s. Forget the pets bit, change that to Halifax Town F.C.