Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Meeting of 7 January 2008

As usual, a well-attended and rewarding meeting. Sixteen members in all. The session kicked off with Maureen's insightful piece of observational writing about a dancer which evoked great sympathy. Then newcomer Mary read a clever poem about 'The Street' and followed it up with a delightful story about a young girl and a table-cloth; this should be honed and sent out to a magazine. Mary K read another of her amusing poems, about Christmas. Next we had the continuing saga of 'Hard Knocks' from Brenda; we almost feel as though we're living with her characters; the novel is not yet halfway through but the two voices of the characters, parted by many decades, are well defined. Jenny penned a sad poem about a homeless man - succinct but moving. Brian read from his work in progress about a murder and much more in Torrevieja. Ann gave us a rhyming account of her Christmas and Hogmanay while Chris read a moving poem about a lonely person over the festive season. Jane introduced us to another episode in her ongoing and interesting tales of rural France. Finally, Glyn had all of us in both humorous and sombre mood when reading from his opus about joining the Army in the 1960s. Well done, all!
- Nik, Chairman
(Author of Death at Bethesda Falls, Last Chance Saloon, Pain Wears No Mask, The Prague Manuscript)

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  1. Yes it was a good session - sorry folks but I am in the UK next week (so you get a break from my techno rantings!)