Saturday, 31 January 2009

From Prize Winning Story to a Film!

Regular members of the TWC will recall Brian Heards prize winning story which he cleverly crafted around the lady who begs for money in the Torrevieja church area.

Unbeknown to me his story was made into a short film 'The Passion' by Peter Norman which was entered into a film competition - and this was the result.

"Just thought I would let you all know that The Passion was 1 of 28 films selected from over 200 entries for competition in the 2009 Festival du Film de Strasbourg. It didn't win a medal, but hey it got selected so made the top 10% roughly."

You can see the official site here...

and view the film here...

Congratulations and Well done gentlemen - such talent in our midst!

Posted by Rob on behalf of Brian Heard.


  1. Watched the fil and it was fascinating, having heard Brian read the story in the group and also recognising the locations.

    I was a bit put off by Raquel Peña´s American accent at first but then remebered that Pilar and family moved to America for a while.

    Well done, all concerned!

    Chris J

    (Perhaps we should get a signed copy of Brian´s story - maybe that would be worth £10,000?)

    So mercenary! We write for the sheer joy of writing, don't we?
    Well, pecuniary reward is nice, I suppose... Oh, and congratulations, Brian. Fingers still crossed for the book too.
    - Nik