Thursday, 15 January 2009

Meeting of 14 January 2009

Eighteen members this week; and apologies from four.
Glyn began with a first for him, a short story (to be concluded next week); it brought out sympathy for the victim narrator and everyone thought it was a good piece of work and wanted to know what happens next. Douglas’s non-fiction story about his cat going missing and being found was well received; we all like happy endings! Mary K chose a risky (as opposed to risqué) piece about the week’s theme – risk. Brenda is still rewriting and working through her rivetting dual narrative novel and again keeps the language realistic (very!) for the two time periods. Brian is coming to the close of his long short story about Spain and Juan and his time in the foreign legion. Ian missed last week’s meeting but chose that week’s theme, The Street and evoked strong emotion with his poem about a down-and-out person. Phil visited us from UK and offered up a tense and suspenseful story about a boy and an old man with good imagery and vocabulary. Mary S read a ‘sort of limerick’ about trying harder to write this year, well received. Joy read her poem about trying not to be depressing in her poetry, by request of her sister, and succeeded. Jane gave us four lines, which was timely as we ran out of time!
We discussed the longer pieces and subjects touched upon were: visual writing, character point of view, word repetition, story internal logic and the senses, notably touch.
Next week’s theme: a meal described (fact or fiction) maximum 250 words, plus the talk by Liane Carter.
- Nik

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