Thursday, 18 June 2009

Quality not Quantity.

This is my last blog before going to Sweden for the summer.
Nik will be writing next week´s after the workshop then he hands over to Cynthia. So you bloggers are in capable hands.
I´m sure more of you can have a try so don´t be shy! Step forward and have a go!

The subjects this week were The Longest Day or Panic Attack.

Three members produced poems.

Cynthia´s panic was when her computer goes berserk and refuses to obey - it has:

" a mind of its own
And wants to live in a people-free zone"

Don´t we all recognise that?

Chris´ panic poem told about someone who didn´t think before spilling the beans and then, as a result, landed in deep trouble.

"On I blathered, speaking freely
(Wish I´d said it in Swahili)
Now I know I should´ve shut it
Could say sorry but it won´t cut it."

Again, I suspect many of us have done that.

Jenny´s poem "The Longest Day" was a quietly serious and really lovely piece which everyone liked tremendously.
I decided it must go on the blog.

Time dragged on
Days into weeks
Weeks into months
Still no word.

Rain into frost
Frost into snow
Still no word.

Branches into buds
Aches into pains
Then came news.

Grey skies into blue
Buds into blossom
Frowns into smiles
Then he returned.

Clouds into sun
Blossom into fruit
Smiles into laughter.

Terrific, don´t you think? Ian thought Cinammon press might be interested.

Ian read a story "The Longest Day", which he´d reworked.
It was a love story which began in Australia and ended in the slaughter on Omaha Beach in Normandy in WW2. Very sad but beautifully written and much tighter for the rework.

Brenda read some more from her novel. The extract was from the Victorian-era diary and was well-researched and written.

Gerry, our newest member, gathered his courage and read a childhood memory about rabbit catching in the country. Well observed and well received. A bit of tightening here and there and it could be sent of as a nostalgia piece.

Douglas read a piece from the anecdotes he is compiling for his family. What a good idea! His kids and grandkids will appreciate this in years to come. It described dropping supplies from a plane over the desert in WW2.

Brian had written a piece for the Hotel Montiboli´s Annual Competition. He said he´d tried to emulate Mills and Boone but some members criticised the lack of heaving bosoms and dark, smoulderingly dashing heroes. However, it was a quietly romantic story with a Spanish link. Good Luck, Brian!

Mary K had produced a bit of a satirical poem with three world leaders ( suspiciously like Bush, Blair and Putin) planning another World War out of sheer boredom.

We had a good 20 minutes over at the end.
Rob had started off the meeting by forwarding a complaint made by a nameless member that the announcements at the beginning were taking up too much time. So he had chivvied us along to make sure that all members had their allotted time to read. Since this week there were quite a few who hadn´t written, we had time over. In the discussion which then took place, it was made clear that most people were unwilling to start earlier or finish later to accomodate all members reading time. It was also made clear that the group must be able to cover the members´ wish for a social side to the group. However, everyone agreed that it is, first and foremost, a Writing Circle and the Chair has discretion to whip us all into abject submission should we overstep our chatty bounds.

We still had 10 minutes left after that so Rob read out a continuation of his fictional story on a scam. He said it had been accepted for publication and we paled at the size of the fee he had been paid. Cries of "Drinks all round!" were ignored and the meeting was swiftly brought to an end.

Remember that next Wednesday is the WORKSHOP from 10 am till 5 pm.

We are lunching at the Olympia Restaurant.

Cost: * Usual 3 euro member fee

* Workshop 5 euros

* Lunch - Can´t remember cost but must be between 11 and 15 euros I would think.

See you there.

Chris J

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