Thursday, 4 June 2009

Siesta Time???

Despite the image of a group member seeming about to drop off and have an early siesta, the meeting on Wednesday was, in fact, quite lively and the member in question was probably concentrating on rattling off an insightsful, relevant and critically unimpeachable comment.

On the other hand, I suppose she could actually have been having a snooze....

To the point!

Today´s subject was The Meeting Place or The Invitation.

It clearly had something because quite a few members were inspired by this to produce some work.

Norma kicked off with a nicely observed piece about a Spanish neighbour.

Glyn followed with a rather sad story of an opportunity missed. This was his first attempt at writing from a woman´s point of view. Well done!

Mary K wrote a poem about an invitation to a yacht but didn´t say what happened there.Tease!

Ian´s poem was also a bit of a cliffhanger. A bloke waiting at a station for a girl to turn up. We never found out whether she did or not.

Chris wrote a piece about the dreaded Community of Owners meetings in Spain. It touched a nerve with most people!

Jane´s piece was set in her French village soon after she and her husband arrived there.It described a dance which she´ll never forget!

The other members wrote on a variety of subjects.

Brenda continued reading from her novel, this time back in the present where Belle ends by thinking how good her life is compared to Elisabeth from the diary.

Pat doesn´t often write but when she does she produces a cracker. This story was about a girl preparing to commit suicide. Come on, Pat! Sharpen your pencil! We want more!

Douglas´piece was unusual - a letter by a small boy to Jesus.

Mary M gave us a poem called The Body Shop, which was an ad on how to improve your looks. How about haemorrhoid cream for bags under the eyes? ( Don´t knock it till you´ve tried it!)

Jenny hadn´t written anything specially for the meeting but entertained us with some limericks she´d done earlier(shades of Blue Peter).

Nik gave us the news that his latest western The 300-Dollar Man is now out. Yippee I Ay!!!

I have an unpleasant feeling that I may have missed somebody out. If that´s the case, I can only grovel and metaphorically lick feet. Maybe that member who was dozing was me....

Here´s to the next time.

Chris J

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  1. I can quite understand this member taking an early siesta - given that the chap in the background (sporting a smart, if a litle grey, haircut) was reading at the time!