Wednesday, 29 July 2009

A Greeting From The Frozen North.

Far off greetings from Scandinavia!

I´ve been here for a month now and have got over the shock of the stillness and lack of noise here in Sweden. At first, it made me feel really nervy and wary - I´d forgotten how it is and it took me about a week before I came to accept it again as the norm!

It´s very green and beautiful here. Everything is well-ordered and the everyday things in life actually work(!!), like the buses come when they´re supposed to and if you ask for information about stuff, it´s actually pretty sure to be accurate, and things start at the time they´re supposed to!!!

But then there are things we get irritated over, like we were out the other day and I wanted a coffee and Lennart wanted a beer but you couldn´t get it at the same place!

Weather-wise: fantastic when we arrived, about 25C but it has now reverted to type and the last fortnight has been very mixed with lots of rain and grey skies. Mind you, I can´t say I´m missing the humidity of the summer Costas.Hope you´re all surviving in the heat.

The blog looks good! Haven´t been moved to write anything but doubtless will make up for this in September.

Chris J

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  1. Good to hear from you, Chris. Don't wait to be moved to write... write every day regardless, even if it's to this or your blog. By simply writing normal 'stuff' you may then move on to more creative writing. Or not.