Friday, 3 July 2009

Meeting of July 1, 2009

There were sixteen attendees with apologies from TJ, Maureen, Christine and Rob.

Mary M started off with a humorous poem, partly explaining her absence till September. This was followed by Brenda’s love story. While the descriptions were praised, it was felt that it didn’t constitute a story, more an encounter within a larger piece of work.

New member Gerry read out his atmospheric tale, ‘The Dead Zone’. It was well received; plenty of helpful advice was offered. Although titles are not copyright, it might be a good idea to use a different title as this has been used by Stephen King, who is widely read.

For the second half, we were joined by Barry Wright from the Costa Blanca News, who is writing a piece about the Circle for that periodical. It was only at this point when I realised that nobody had volunteered/been nominated to write up the blog; so I’m now dredging my memory: apologies if anyone is missed out!

Mary K gave us an amusing poem on a free gift, too good to be true.

Douglas read out an excellent story about a suicide and the effects on all those who witnessed it. With minor tweaking, this should be sent out into the marketplace.

Finally, Christina read out her prize-winning poem from the Benidorm outing, which drew a few laughs.


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