Thursday, 10 September 2009

Courting the Bull

I was delighted to have my short story: 'Mediterranean Lady Seeks a Friend' (which I have read out at TWC) accepted by the publishers, Innoword, for their Expat anthology which has now been published under the title of:

Courting the Bull

To quote from the publishers press release:

Savor the Secret Sights, Sounds and Sensualities of Spain in Innoword Media’s Inaugural Book Courting the Bull: An Anthology of Expatriate Literature in Spain

Literary Descendants of Hemingway Expose Intimate, Romantic, Thrilling Details of Wild and Wonderful Spanish Culture

Madrid, Spain, September 10, 2009 – Innoword Media announces the release this month of its exciting, new inaugural book, Courting the Bull: An Anthology of Expatriate Literature in Spain. The collection of short stories, essays and verse highlights the tantalizing, romantic and irresistible aspects of a Spanish culture that captured the hearts and imaginations of a collection of rising modern artists.

“There is a moment – and every expatriate remembers theirs – when a foreign city begins to unfold before their very eyes. Capturing that moment is the essence behind the literature,” said Innoword Media Editor Sarah E. Rogers. “It is with great pleasure that we unveil these mysterious moments in our new collection, Courting the Bull: An Anthology of Expatriate Literature in Spain.”

Whether one has already booked a trip to the alluring country of Spain, whether travel plans are still in the works or whether one simply feels an insatiable curiosity, Courting the Bull is a literary work that entertains, engages and captures the imagination.

One of the reasons Hemingway held onto his long-standing love affair with Spain may be summed up in his book, The Sun Also Rises: “Nobody ever lives their life all the way up except bull-fighters.”

Courting the Bull: An Anthology of Expatriate Literature in Spain is priced at $15.99 in the US, €11.99 in Europe and £9.99 in the UK. For more information, or to purchase a copy, please visit

About Innoword Media
Innoword Media is an independent press that publishes books about art, food, literature and travel.

My story involves an unwitting Expat Brit. who becomes involved in a fraud after having met a Spanish lady in Barcelona. However maybe she has under estimated her victim as events unfold and things do not go exactly as she had planned...

I have been offered the chance to meet the publishers in Madrid to be presented with my complimentary contributors copies. More to follow.

Rob Innis


  1. Congratulations Rob!
    And you who didn´t think you could write fiction!

  2. Thanks Chris.
    You are right I didn't - got the bug now so watch out you TWCers!

  3. Congratulations again, Rob. Well done.

  4. Nik, Thanks for all of your encouragement, Rob.