Thursday, 24 September 2009


This week's number of attendees was 15 which is about average. The content of the readings was however far from average, both in subject matter and quality.

This week's themes were - "Life would never be the same again" or "The Allotments".

Nik started the meeting by distributing details of competitions to those who have no access to the Internet; he had previously emailed all members with the same.

Douglas was the first to read but before doing so asked for permission to make a couple of announcements, the first being a charity concert to be held at "The Venue" in aid of the Poppy Appeal. The second and obviously the more important for Douglas was the announcement of his engagement to Rita.The group wished the couple well and offered heartfelt congratulations.

Douglas has been working on a series of anecdotal tales for the benefit of future generations of his family and his offering today was entitled "Egypt 1947- 1950". The story painted a picture of his army life in that country most graphically, not only the conditions but of the characters involved,
primarily Sgt Major Wiffen.

Gerry provided us with a further section of his story about the Lottery Winner and a fateful telephone call. The group offered several suggestions as to how the story could be tightened to make it more plausible. Gerry recognised and welcomed the comments that further editing could work wonders for the story.

Heather used this week's theme "Life would...etc" as the start of a possible novel about a group of workers in a hairdressing salon. The concept was good as to the central event drawing the characters together. It was felt however that she required more description of the location of the action and the protagonists involved. It was agreed that some of the phraseology involved was excellent and the circle encouraged her to continue with the effort.

Chris's offering was a poem based on "Life" entitled "Slow Down"

"When I was younger, I couldn't say
Oh! That happened 20 years ago today!
But now, I've been able, for quite a long while,
To go back further- but it's no cause to smile.

For as I can do that, it just goes to show
I've got much less time left and soon I must go.
But I'm not really ready- I've lots left to do
And I don't want to leave, it's too soon in my view.

So let's put the brakes on, there's nothing to gain
At this stage in life to be in the fast lane."

Everyone thought that this was so true to life and so prophetic.

Mary also used this week's theme of "Life" to write an inspirational poem of a world without men. Comments were made, mainly from the females as to whether the world would be a better place without men. The male members of the group declined to comment!!!

Ian stated that he had nothing to read and was met with gasps of horror or surprise. I can never differentiate.

Rosemary gave an excellent review of the Julie Walters autobiography which made you feel you wanted to go and buy the book. Her review also stimulated a discussion on what should be included or not, as the case may be, in a review.

Rob took the alternative theme of "Allotments" to provide a story entitled "Digging for Victory".
Again the story was warmly received with the plot well conceived and put together. Several suggestions were made about polishing the piece up before sending it off somewhere either for publication or competition.

Cynthia's piece called "Driving Lessons" gave us an insight into the trials and tribulations of a learner driver ( Cynthia ) being taught how to drive by her husband. The consensus of opinion was that it was true to life by all of those who have tried to teach a family member how to drive or been taught by one.

This week's meeting had a diversity of subjects and the quality, as usual, was high. Looking forward to hearing more next week.


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