Thursday, 12 November 2009

A Full House

The meeting held on 11th November was well attended with 24 Members present.

Prior to commencement Nik announced that at midday (11 o'clock in the UK) we would observe two minutes' silence. There were also a number of announcements including distribution of new themes lists for those who were not on the internet, consideration of Lottery numbers, competition lists and a copy of "The New Writer".

Maureen showed the meeting a copy of a book on marketing including publishing.

Ann F remarked on a book she had just read, "On Chesil Beach" where the book contained no dialogue between the two protagnists which she found most disconcerting.

The meeting started with readings from those members who had been left over from last week.

Maureen first of all read out a poem "The World" not written by her but which inspired her to write her piece entitled "What It Is". This was quite profound and contemplative. It was thought to be well written but some suggestions were made to improve the style.

Glyn asked for feedback on his synopsis of his novel which has been renamed,"Tits, Toenails and Donkey Dick". Everyone thought that he had captured the characters well although it was possibly too lengthy and he should indicate the era in which the story is set.

Heinke also gave us a synopsis except that this book still has to be written. The plot centres around a love story on a Space Station in a future world with one of characters having a pet giraffe called Rafi. The members thought this excellent and wanted more.

This week's themes were, "If Only I Hadn't Drunk So Much" or "The Crisis".

Christina read a poem/rant about a visit to Rome and the effects of drink.

Rob ventured forth with a humorous piece on the effects of the banking crisis where the hero is a Mr. G. Ullible and the merchant banker is named Mickey Taker. Rob was encouraged to progress this piece of work.

At the break two minutes' silence was observed then Nik asked everyone to consider if we needed time extensions as the meetings were now so well attended, members were not always able to read that week. Nothing was settled, however, so it's 'wait and see...'

The meeting continued with Pat giving us a further insight into a child's life in WWII.

Mary M chose the drink theme to give us a poem on drowning our sorrows.

Chris's poem "Water Works" was a poem which took an unusual slant on this week's theme.

Mary K had a tale albeit true on a series of disasters which had befallen her and resulted in her missing last week's session. A rhyming teacher's note?

Ian's poem on the drink theme was entitled "The Worse For Wear" which a lot of members recognised...

New member Alan's contribution was about "A Free Meal" which concluded that there was no such thing.

Jenny's item on the drink theme was the story of a wedding day escapade.

Last but by no means least Kelle read a rant on "Times Remembered", being an introduction to a proposed longer work. How many of us recalled the things she itemised? Quite a few!

Before the meeting broke up, discussion took place on a venue for Christmas/New Year meal. It was suggested the members should make enquiries about costs, availability etc. Tentative date would be 13th Jan with about 30 attending.


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