Saturday, 21 November 2009

Poets' Corner

The reason for this week's title will become obvious.

This week's subject titles were: "I know he was only a dog..." or
"Doom and Gloom".

Another well attended meeting with 20 members being present.

Nik kicked off with the opening to a short story entitled "Golf Lynx" where early morning golfers make a gruesome find in one of the sand traps. We all await the outcome.

Cynthia's effort was poem (number 1) on the subject "Doom and Gloom". With the title "The Crisis", it gave a humerous point of view from a woman.

Gerry asked for feedback to his cowboy yarn "The Old Ranger" as he feels that he is still learning the craft. Members thought that his story was much better and tighter than some of his others. It was suggested that he could tell more of the backstory through the use of dialogue and that the use of character names could be better employed.

Lisa unusually read a poem (number 2) dealing with "Doom and Gloom". It's title "Miss Haversham Remembered" took us back to our reading of Dickens. This piece was very visual with its dust and cobwebs etc, but with a modern slant.

Jane gave us a poem (number 3) on "Doom etc" but from the viewpoint of one who hates visitors whose sole topics of conversation are painting nothing but misery. This was a rant against some people she knew.

Ann F narrated a piece of nonsense called "No Big Deal". This was like a spoof version of the TV show "Deal or No Deal" and, for those of us who have seen the show, it was extremely lifelike. It was suggested that with a bit of polishing and enlargement this could be sent off to a number of sketch shows who might be interested in it.

Poem (number 4), can you guess on what subject?, was provided by Chris. Now this was full of Doom and gloom but at least had a happy ending!

Mary's poetic rant called "Frilly or Plain" was her marketplace observations on the choice and purchase of knickers. The female view was practicality at all times where the male partner in the relationship suggested something more skimpy and frilly. Guess who won? Has potential for sending out, with an appropriate title - Brief Encounter, maybe.

Ian's piece "The Letter" was the opening for what will be a longer item. Based on "Doom and Gloom", it left the members wondering what the outcome was going to be. This was thought to be a very descriptive piece of writing with good visualisation.

During the break it was agreed that we would buy 3 Xmas Lottery/el Gordo tickets. There was also some discussion on whether we should extend the meeting times and various options were put forward. It was agreed that we should continue with the current arrangements but with the proviso that if we felt we should go on later that this could be an ad hoc arrangement.

Glyn gave us the start of the 4th chapter of his novel on army life and dealt with such subjects as lusting after Brigitte Bardot, breaking wind and trying to please the recruits' officers. This was not neccessarily in that order but was of course up to Glyn's usual high standard.

Brenda completed this week's offerings with another part of Belle's story. This was a new chapter to everyone and various suggestions were made to Brenda including one that the last piece should be omitted from the chapter to leave the reader in suspense and open the next chapter with that information.

Next week it is a HOT PEN day but as well as this Nik is going to provide an insight into the breakthrough novel.


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  1. Thanks, Ian - and we're looking forward to your continuation of your story! And keep us abreast of your projected western, too.