Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Sad Songs, Lipstick Lesbians and Mince Pies.

Christmas fever had stricken the Writers´Circle today slashing the numbers to a select gathering of 11 members who had battled their way to the Olympia Bar despite Christmas Day looming on the horizon.

Under the benevolent leadership of the sub-sub-Chairman, Ian, a very pleasant and relaxed morning was spent. Cake, made by the nimble hands of Jane her very self was consumed at the break, followed by Anne´s shortbread, Chris´Norwegian ginger snaps and then mince pies produced with a flourish, once more by Jane. At some point a mini lecture on lesbians was given by Kelle, don´t ask me why, I can´t remember, probably due to the fact that a generous helping of brandy had been added to my coffee by the barman as a gesture of yuletide generosity. But it was very interesting.

Gerry had splendid news. A story of his, which he had read in the group a short while back, "The Old Ranger", is to be published in the February edition of Frontier Tales. Congrats! Well done!!

We eventually got round to the business of the day .

Cynthia had written an email Round Robin by a lady who had finally snapped and put a knife into her spouse and was saying a last goodbye to friends and family before leaving for foreign parts never (she hoped) to be seen again. Very funny.

Mary M wrote about men met through dancing and gave them marks out of ten for their personality and twinkle-toed ability.

Jane´s contribution was a rant about the inability of the UK to cope with the winter weather.

Kelle had a love poem, which is included here in the blog. Very moving.

Chris wrote an anti-Christmas poem, which the sub-sub-chairman thought should be included in the blog.

Brenda had a further excerpt from her novel about Belle. Very well written it was, too.

Heather had a short poem "Sad Songs", which I meant to ask her to give me to include here, but I forgot. (Blame the brandy.)

Finally the SSC, Ian, read a short story called "The Folksinger" about how a member of an Irish folkgroup gets the inspiration to write a sad song.

Have a good Christmas!

Chris J ( See below for poems)

If my love for you were dance I would dance to the end of eternity.

When you charter your own ship
To sail the seven seas
And undertake great adventures alone
Battling with long dead demons.

In the middle of your longest, darkest night
When you fear the world has forsaken you
Polish this silver pearl
And be sure that you are loved.

For somebody, somewhere
Dances for joy
And Eternity
Because you are in the world.

Bah! Humbug!

I don´t know whether to laugh or cry
I don´t know if I should scream or sigh
It´s that time of the year when you have to choose
To be cheerful and happy or take to the booze.

I never buy presents nor choose any cards
Nor write zany emails and send my regards.
I loathe sherry parties and eating mince pies
Getting trapped under misteltoe kissing weird guys.

I chase carol singers away from my door
I find snowmen and reindeer a bloody great bore.
I really hate tinsel and glittery trees
And holly and ivy - they just make me sneeze.

I wish I could hibernate - sleep it away
Wake up in the springtime - miss Santa and sleigh!
If Christmas came at Leap Year it would suit me very well
I´d get some good books and check into a motel.

I´d take along my laptop and surf around the Net
Do anything I want to - maybe place a bet!
I´d order in some pizzas and open up some wine
I´d snooze and snack and tipple - it would be just divine!

When the holidays were over I´d come out of my lair
And say I´d been in hospital so everyone would care.
No-one would be angry, they´d all feel really bad
They´d been having such a good time while I was feeling sad.

So I´d be extra gleeful if I spoiled their Yuletide cheer
Give them a guilty conscience and to their eyes bring a tear.
I´d start to treasure Christmas - look forward to it all
If I could trash their daydreams, I think I´d have a ball!


  1. Lipstick Lesbians......looks like things are getting out of control, too much brandy in the mince pies me thinks....

  2. Sounds like a good meeting - sorry I missed all that wonderful food! Happy New Year to all.