Thursday, 14 January 2010

Better late.....?

As Jenny aptly put it :

Most groups and organisations arrange a party of some type just before Christmas so that the members can get together and enjoy a nice festive meal to start off the holiday season.

Torrevieja Writers´Circle are no exception.They discuss dates and possible venues each week at the meetings for several months because they want such an important event to be perfect and really special. Many people make interesting suggestions but an actual decision is very hard to make so the subject is always postponed until the following week, whereby the same scenario occurs.

Christmas comes and goes and no decision is forthcoming. However, miraculously, they finally agree on a most original and unique setting; the Olympia, Mil Palmeras, the restaurant where they meet every week throughout the year. Not only that, but they also agree on the perfect date for a Christmas party - January 13th, because it is only 353 days before Christmas.

Do I detect a slight touch of asperity??

Anyway, the lunch went off quite well, apart from Nik having his tipped all over the table and even splashed on him. Was this the waiter´s hint that he hasn´t been tipped enough?
So, good people, we have plenty of time in which to procrastinate before next Christmas.


Rob offers the following site as a possible source for those who think they might be good at writing for greetings cards:

The meeting was well attended but a novelty for the day and for the foreseeable Wednesdays (and which could turn out to be a pain you know where) was that the Sunday flea market is now also taking place midweek in the grounds outside where our meeting is held. A tad noisy and parking crowded. Mutterings about a change of venue were heard from some members but perhaps we should see how things develop?

To cut to the chase.

Glyn read another rewritten episode of his novel.This described the lads´ first medical, which left the field open for a certain amount of graphic description of cupped hands and Belisha Beacons. No serious critical comment from members but it was generally felt that this was because the writing is so much tighter and better now.

Heinke read another surreal episode about her space giraffe. Having missed a week, I was lost, but everyone else seemed to understand what it was about. ( Is it them or me, I ask myself....)

Maureen has started a diary about the cruise she went on and there was much discussion about a lost bag and flight attendants. Some thought her plane trip across to America sounded like a modern day Marie Celeste experience.

Alan wrote a piece about how glad he is to have retired to Spain and left the English winter behind. ( He wrote it before it turned nippy here).

Ian wrote what might be a series of pieces (?) on life as a pensioner.
It provoked a number of lively comments on his not looking a day over 70.....

Jenny´s piece is at the beginning of the blog and she also dashed off a short poem while waiting for her turn to read. Clever girl!

Mary M came up with a poem on riding a bike. Rob suggested she should have those little wheels put on to keep her upright (what are they called?) [Stabilisers - Nik]

Rita´s contribution was a travel piece about a visit to Olympia and some interesting facts on how the Games started.

Mary K´s poem told of her decision not to make any New Year´s Resolutions. Very wise.

Chris described parties she had thrown and a possible way of making them successful, including throwing the dessert at her guests...

Jane read a reworked version of one of her French pieces where a smelly, drunken villager invites her to dance and she is unable to escape.

A fairly relaxed meeting.

Apologies from Brenda and Anne F - both were unwell. Hope you´re feeling better and can be there next time.

Chris J