Monday, 11 January 2010

Writers' Forum - letter published

Just observed that my letter to Writers' Forum has been published in the 100th issue - February, 2010.

'MG Sherlock’s woes don’t stop there (No Deal, #99). Even if MG was fortunate enough to overcome the various obstacle courses and run the marathon and get a book published, that doesn’t mean the second or subsequent books will get published. Author Michael Parker was published by Macmillan in 1980 but they turned down his second book and his third book didn’t get taken up (by another publisher) till 1984. After that, he waited 26 years before his second book was accepted and published. His seventh is due out next year, but it has taken a great deal of persistence and faith in self.

'Remember, Jack Higgins, Ken Follett and James Le Carré had several published books under their belts before their breakthrough novels; nowadays, publishers aren’t so accommodating and expect the first book to be a breakthrough and rarely nurture new or promising authors. You can’t change that situation. You can only rely on your own perseverance and hope for a bit of luck. So, I agree with the editor, don’t moan about what you can’t change, just get on and write and write and write. Persevere.'

Unfortunately, I made a silly typo and it's still there! I guess James Le Carré must be John's Most Secret lost brother, the less successful writer who isn't so hot at self-editing...