Friday, 21 May 2010

Back In The Day

Harry Gardiner visited the group today and gave a fascinating talk on his years with the Met in London. He served through the era of East End thugs and police corruption and after his statutory 25 years moved on to many other things. He has finally found his true métier in writing and, settled on the Costa Blanca, has written and had published four books: Double Dealing, Revenge, The Villain and The Big One.

Since everybody came to hear the talk, not many people had written anything but there were a few diehard souls who came with literary pearls!

John wrote a very funny piece about taking an aged relative to a wedding.She turned out to be the granny from Hell. It didn´t help that he was late, missed half the wedding and was at the wrong church anyway!

Brenda gave us another excerpt from her novel, this time the historical part. Good dialogue. Harry was well impressed and thought she had the Martina Cole touch.

Chris wrote a wistful piece about self image. She´s really Audrey Hepburn, if the truth be known!

Mary M described a visit to the Irish town Lisdoonvarna and the annual Matching Festival, where farmers go to find a wife. It was craick ( new word for me - fun).

Douglas gave a mild rant about the misuse of the English language. He can´t be doing with the clichés and sentence fillers of the great unwashed.
At the end of the day, if you know what I mean, he´s right, like. Innit?

Another good meeting. Here´s to next week.

Chris J

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