Monday, 17 May 2010

Short and Sweet

My apologies for taking so long to get this blog to everyone but this week just seems to have vanished so as the title suggests this week's report is .....?

There were 18 members in attendance.


(1) Nik kicked off proceedings by announcing that at next week's meeting there would be a guest speaker - Harry Gardner.

(2) Libros International, the publishers, had essentially stopped working and were reviewing their publishing strategies. This led to a general discussion on publishing, authors' rights etc.

Readings of work were then given by:

Jane. This was a little ditty detailing her recent visit to the UK with its cold weather, people looking miserable and, while she was glad to see family, she was even more glad to be back.

Chris. A rendition of her poem entitled "All Change" was her take on the outcome of the UK election.

Mary K. Another poem, this one entitled "Habla EspaƱol" and dealt with the use or non use of our adopted country's language.

Brenda. An extremely graphic chapter from her "Diaries" novel was read to the members. Several suggestions were provided on how to deal with the humour and gravity of the episode.

Glyn. This was a reworked item on how the main character of the story dealt with grief,bereavement,illness and the removal of her child by Social Services. This was a powerful piece and initiated quite a discussion on what the ending should be as some members felt it left the reader high and dry.

Heather. An emotional account of the lives of May and Tom was a celebration of life and was based on true events. It was felt that Heather should pursue the tale and that this recollection told today could be the opening chapter.

John. "Coming for a Beer, Tonight?" was the title of John's submission for part of his writing course. The story highlighted how a simple act, of going for an after work drink could have such a dramatic effect on your life.

That's all for this week.

Ian C

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