Friday, 26 November 2010

Goodbye, My Love.

Apologies from various members for non-attendance and welcome back to Geoff and to Ian, looking remarkably unscathed after 6 weeks Down Under and still with Scottish accent intact.

Today´s theme was "Goodbye, My Love".

Five members had written on this.

Jenny´s was a flash fiction "Dear John" letter ending the relationship and finishing, hilariously, with the words:"I wish you luck for the future as I know it can´t be easy on Death Row:"

Mary Kilduff´s Poem was a much sadder goodbye poem.

Ian read a poem "Thoughts of You" based on a Jack Vettriano picture.

Gerry´s poem was based on a sad story of the note left by a man committing suicide

Chris´s poem,  reproduced below, was a cry of joy at the end of a miserable relationship.

The other members offerered a variety of things.

Glyn continued his novella "Flight Home From Kandahar."

Margaret Rowland continued her reminiscence of a visit to friends in Spain.

Heinke described a 69th birthday party with people "Blinged up to the nines." This brought on a lively discussion as to the origin of the phrase. I Googled it and found numerous suggestions but nothing definitely sure. In other words, if you want to know, look it up yourself!!

Alan Gillespie´s Spike made a welcome return, still lusting after Mandy and determined to wrest her away from Ted. Unfortunately, Spike is scooped up by the town´s dog catcher and taken to the pound.

John McGregor gave a description of interviewing Junior Salesmen.

Geoff Lowe´s piece described a weird tutor advising a student on how to write a poem.

Mary Morris´s was about Nora, the village gossip and a sensational turn of events in the reading of a will.

Nik gave us his latest Western story.

Chris J´s Poem. ( Well, I´m writing the blog, aren´t I?)

Goodbye, My Love.

Hip, Hip, Hooray!
You´ve gone away!
A sudden shove
Goodbye, my love!

In the Parking Lot
The Council forgot
The manhole cover.
Adieu, my lover!

Hip,Hip Hooray!
Just one quick glance
I took a chance.
I made a lunge
And saw you plunge
Far down the hole.
God rest your soul!

Hip,Hip Hooray!
You´ve been swept away
To some far bay.
You were a shit
And quite unfit
To be my lover!
Allelujah, manhole cover!

Hip, Hip Hooray!
 O, wondrous day!
You were a swine
Now life´s divine.
Hip, Hip Hooray!
That´s what I say!!

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