Thursday, 17 February 2011

Biblical Whales and Chicken Whisperers.


23 present, apologies from the rest.
Nik started off with the news that his book "Death Is Another Life" has been accepted by Solstice. It is a vampire romance (?!) and comes out as an eBook in a couple of months. It started as short stories, became a film script and now has transformed into a novel. Those with Kindles, get ready to place your orders! He read the prologue and a part of the first chapter. Enough to whet the appetite!

A new member, Sara (Sorry Sara, didn´t get your surname!) introduced herself. She is working on a children´s book and will be looking for help from the group to write a synopsis. She hadn´t got the book with her but as a taster of her writing style read out a tribute to her Nan, recently passed away. It gave a very clear picture of the sort of person she was for we who had never met her.

Alan Gillespie gave an account of a trip to the Jalon Valley. Some interesting facts were revealed: the Moors introduced window bars to Spain - not to keep thieves out, as is the case today, but to keep wives in!

Maureen read a piece which she will be putting on her website, which caters for those wishing to become or to improve their skills as tour guides.

Brenda gave part of her novel, this time relating Belle´s relationship with Matthew, a police officer.

Jane´s piece was called "After Sales, Part 2" describing the anxious and demanding buyer of her house who thinks Jane should be available, 24/7, to deal with queries and problems.

Ann Flynn had another biblical tale. This time about the National Police Undercover Unit based in Nineveh, and one of its officers, Jonah, who gets swallowed by a whale in the course of duty.

Douglas read a salutory tale of how his insurance company, AXA, let him down during a trip to the States.

John McGregor´s piece , loosely based on this week´s theme of  "Don´t Believe A Word or The Whole Truth", described, amongst other things, a chat-up line used successfully about being a chicken psychologist whose task was to ensure well-adjusted hens who would lay brown eggs.

A few people had things to read but didn´t get time so they will start next week ( Glyn, Nan, Stan and Rita???)

A reminder that next week is Nik´s last as Chair and at the break we will be presenting a token of our appreciation for his work over the last five years.


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