Sunday, 13 February 2011

Girls, Goals and Gripes

20 Members attended this weeks meeting for which the theme was "I'm Not That Kind Of Girl."

John McG kicked off with a tale based on the theme. It told of an interview being held in a police station with a girl who has been sexually harassed.The policeman at the end of the interview is persuaded to transport her home and is invited in for a drink. One thing leads to another and eventually he finds out that she is not the girl he thinks she is. This was a well written piece although several alternative endings were suggested.

Maureen was next and read an article about the trials and tribulations of being a Torry FC fan. To those who have attended such games this was very true. The piece was written very much tongue in cheek and could appear in any local publication.

Nan gave us a poem she had written for friends who were celebrating their golden wedding anniversary. There was lots of good sentiment expressed in this offering.

Alan read his piece entitled "Misunderstandings" based on the theme and was all about how the theme is phrased.

Jenny's poem, on the theme, was a story about a mechanic and one of his customers and his efforts to obtain a date with her. This was very entertaining with lots of good rhyme.

Ann B read out her poem also based on the theme and was up to Ann's normal high standard.

Jane told the story of a girl looking for what she sees as her ideal accommodation. Her potential flatmate starts making advances towards her and she has to forego moving in as "she's not a girl like that". This was a different take on the theme.

Mary K's offering called "Not All Tarts Are Apples" was a poem written as a conversation piece. The fact that it was written in rhyme constrained the piece. It was suggested that it might be better written as a piece of prose.

Pat continued her memories of wartime evacuation in her story called "Going Home". This was a very evocative item with lots of good description.

Alan's story about Spike was another tale in this dog's life where he eventually finds a new friend - a cat. Again this was another well observed item.

Margaret was last with her rant - a poem about bankers and the current economic situation. This was well written with lots of good alliteration.

Ian C

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