Sunday, 22 May 2011

Another Published Author! Yippeeeeeee!

John McGregor has achieved a goal - he´s had his memoirs from RAF days published and has even managed to sell quite a few copies! Brilliant! Congratulations, John. He was recently interviewed on Talk Radio Europe by Hannah Murray on her weekly Book Club feature.

The interview is here on the blog and  if you click on the link, maybe you´ll hear it  (Don´t hold your breath - I´m not sure it´ll work).

The topic for this week was something to do with a deadline. As you understand, I´m all at sixes and sevens and haven´t really got myself sorted out after getting back from the UK (first visit since 1998). But I digress. Anyone with an issue here should consider that nobody else wanted to do the blog , so this is it, folks in all its knobbly glory.

Heinke actually wrote something on today´s topic. As usual, her piece was hilarious. Alf, Minnie, a leg amputation in the offing, state-of-the-art wheelchair and sex. What more can you ask for at 11 in the morning?

Rosemary read another excerpt from her novel and was pleased with the positive cricism.

Cathy Rollinson was a newbie who said at the end of the session that she would come again so we obviously didn´t massacre her enough. She read a short story about two former sweethearts meeting after many years.Good.

Avril´s poem Royal Wooton Bassett was very moving.

Mary K read a poem about domestic violence - really good.

Our hero of the week, John McG gave us a piece about how let down you can be by people you befriend, called "Ships That Pass in the Night".

Jane read out " a dreadful poem" ( her own words) which we all thought was OK, actually, about her cat Sheba and a visit to the vet.

Glyn´s piece " Burntout Brass" told of a prostitute´s progress from schoolgirl to her 60´s.

Brenda´s novel excerpt was from 1929. Her central character, Minnie, is befriended by  homosexual neighbours, Kenneth and his partner, offerring to help her with her unborn, illegitimate child.

Cheryl, who has written 9,000 words of her novel, continued reading about Chloe´s wedding day.

Gerry was left to read with no time remaining so he´ll start us off next week.

Thanks to Ann Flynn for chairing the session so well.
She has got her bell ringing technique sorted and everyone obediently hushes up now when she gives the bell a good bash.

Hasta la semana que viene!

Chris J

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