Monday, 30 May 2011

Hasta La Vista, Baby!

The title of this week´s subject was Arnie´s catchphrase.
It was dealt with excellently by Cynthia, who managed to incorporate most, if not all, of the titles of the Terminator´s films in her piece about his contoversial private life.

Other members writing on the same theme:
Mary K with a poem on the breakup of a relationship and Cathy, whose vivid description of two older people had an amusing twist in the tail.

Rosemary and Brenda both continued readings from their novels. Rosemary, it was thought, could include more dialogue and maybe needed to consult a few blokes on blokey-talk. Brenda´s was very well-written with good description.

John McGregor gave us a piece called "The Ex- Files" about women from his past.

Chris J (me) wrote a thoroughly depressing poem about old age.

Ann Flynn continued with her Dementia Diary, which was a sight more amusing than my poem!

Heinke, in her final contribution before going to the UK till September, read a really hilarious continuation of Alf, Minnie and the amputated leg. ( Tip: if you do need a leg donor, make sure he´s the same colour as you so it matches).

Ann G, in a departure from her normal format of poetry, read a short story inspired by her police background.

Jane read one of her French pieces, which she had revised.Very funny description of Didier the postman catching Jane at her ablutions!

Margaret had a short piece about child placement, which originally was meant to be flash fiction.

Gerry´s poem" Dyslexia Rules, OK!" made me glad I´m not teaching anymore.

Some info was passed on to us about a book called "The Diana Directive"by T J Bradshawe about an independent investigator also killed in the Paris Tunnel 10 years after. Coincidence or not, is the theme. A website was given for those interested:

Hasta La Vista, Baby!

Chris J

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