Thursday, 2 June 2011

Mrs A Grierson

1/6/11.: Ian was back in the chair this week with a report that the bell had died but his whistle pea was in fine form. 15 people attended.
Mary M began by reading her piece concerning what subject to choose from her life's experiences. It was felt we'd like to know more aboiut the men she'd met.
Gerry read his first instalment of his proposed western novel concerning Harv. the sheriff who has a premonition that the coming day will prove to be eventful.The group agreed it showed potential, Lisa suggesting that perhaps
Harvey had an intellectual and secret past to give the western a novel twist;
Douglas read about Joe and his cat Lucky who have a narrow escape when an intruder breaks into the house.Lucky saves the day and is awarded a gallantry medal.
Geoff then read an amusing piece entitled Vocal Aerobics concerning Jason who practices while looking in the mirror brushing his teeth and enunciating challenging verbals.
Brenda continued her Beth saga and following a visit to her doctor,is made to stop blaming herself for the abuse she suffers.She resolves to tell her policeman boyfriend.
John read Highly Strung, another of his memoirs as a salesman when he's detailed to cover for a colleague who prefers to entertain at a mediaeval banquet but still incorporates his party trick with a packet of cigarettes and lighter concealed in his cod piece. The mind boggles.
Avril read a piece on the theme "When do you leave" altering slightly to when do we leave. She had been invited to an evening out at a club which turned out to be an all nighter and more tiring than her busy working life.
Mary also tweaked the theme to Please dont go, about a hysteerical woman pleading with her husband not to fly, only to learn in the last line of the poem why he had to go- he was the pilot.
Jane gave us an autobiographical poem on the theme concerning her first husband's decision to emigrate to Canada without the family. Her last line told him in no uncertain terms where to go. SHOCK HORROR JANE. Wash thy mouth.
Anne G had a poem on the theme advising consideration to holidaymakers feelings and suggesting a better way of discovering when the b.......s are leaving.
Kathy R. read a piece about a mothers heartache when her children are leaving to be evaccuated during the war. She followed with an amusing tale of the lovelorn Camilla the Gorilla.
Unuusually there was time for a second round of readings, therefore in lieu of hotpen, we had Gerry,Brenda'Ian
John,Avril,Ann B and Anne G. reading short pieces.
Avril read a poem called Going Home-a Utopian view of Engl;and. It made me feel quite homesick but not for Rochdale. No thatched cottages there.
Incidentally Going Home is the subject for 15/6/11 and also a competition for Open mic. 5/7/11. Ian took the opportunity to remind members that reading at TWC does not preclude entering a competition but to beware that some organisers retain the copywright of the submissions. THIS DID NOT APPLY TO THE OPEN MIC COMPETITION.
I hope you've enjoyed my first attempt at a blog. Hope I've not misheard anything[I'm deaf you know.Its the bells} Oh and speaking of bells, ours had a Lazarus moment when consigned to Ann B's ministrations. Please feel free to criticise. Anne Grierson.

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