Saturday, 25 June 2011

An Unexpected Surprise

Last Wednesday I looked a bit like the dog. I didn´t think it was me doing the blog and suddenly about halfway through the session I realised it was. So the blog this week is a tad sketchy.

The theme was "Waking up late..." and it seemed to touch a chord as most people were inspired by it. Margaret, Anne G and Mary K were . They were, however, reading when I wasn´t taking notes, so for the life of me I can´t say what their pieces were about. I´m sure they were excellent (Grovel, grovel).

Cathy also wrote a piece which she read then and although I remember it had an American setting, that´s all I do remember.(More grovel).

I (Chris) read a poem on the theme, which I have included here - see below, (a) Because I´m writing the blog, so there, and  (b) because the blog needs a bit of padding this week.
I then started taking notes but, on reflection, it doesn´t seem to have made a whole lot of difference to the content, quality or length (!!Tut!!).

John McC read a piece based on his time as a rep, called "A Profitable Lunchtime" and recounted some advice given at the start of his hero´s career which stood him in good stead for his retirement package.The Personnel boss casting the pearls of wisdom was described brilliantly as being "to personnel matters what Herod was to babies". Great stuff!

Brenda read a short story about an elderly man making an annual trip to Calais without his wife. A twist in this tale. Very good.

Heather, having spent time recently with grandchildren, was inspired to write a rhyming story about the steep learning curve of a naughty puppy. We were all enchanted by the warm puppy syndrome.

Rita read a short piece about a thief, caught in the act, meeting a violent end.

And that was all I managed to dredge up.


So here´s my poem.And a miserable one at that.

Decision Time

We woke up late - I don´t know why
The air is clear, the sun is high.
A day to savour with delight
Not face with dread and creeping fright

The time has come – I can´t delay
I must decide, I have to say.
Today´s the day when I must choose
But if I do, I know I´ll lose.

To go with him or stay at home?
He wants to travel, longs to roam.
I go with him, I lose my friends.
I stay right here, away he wends.

Whichever way I cast my lot
I end unhappy, like as not.
He won´t discuss, it´s up to me
He´ll wait a while and then he´ll see.

So what to do? To stay or go?
I have to choose, he has to know.
It all feels cruel, hard and bad.
We woke up late and now I´m sad.   

Chris J

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