Thursday, 16 June 2011

Blog for 15/6/11

21 members attended this meeting. Ian opened it by calling on Brenda who told the group she had been in contact with a "Synopsis Doctor" and had found it most enlightening. The advice she received was to keep it as short as possible (one page) giving the outliine of the plot and the flavour of the main characters in order to get the agent hooked and wanting to learn more.

The theme for this week was "Going Home" although not all took up the challenge.

Rita wrote a very detailed piece on a day trip to Valencia. She had researched her subject well concerning the history and cultural aspects of the city.

Maureen then read about a conversation she overheard between two ladies, one of whom had met a German in s checkout queue and after a lunch and drinks ended up at his house where she was introduced to his German sausage-if you know what I mean. Hilarious.

Lisa's poem was a tweeking of the theme entitled Coming Home which was very thought provoking.

At this point, John reminded the group of the Open Mic competition based on Going Home. There are three categories= prose(500 word Max), poetry up to 40 lines and script writing.

Mary then gave us her composition of a song she has written with an Irish singer in mind.(Sorry Mary, I didn't catch his name} It was about a golfer who was playing whilst hung over from the previous night.

Gerry then read his poem on the theme about a man who had left his wife but now regretted the move, proving yet again that the grass is not always greener. Good for his wife though, she too had moved on.

Douglas' piece was entitled "Picking up the Pieces" concerning his time spent with a victim's support group, working in conjunction with his local police force, which was very interesting although the group believed the preamble was too long and should have excluded his previous employments. The fact that he would have liked to join the force was a sufficient introduction.

Brenda resumed reading her Minerva diary of 1931/32 after her first baby had died and her subsequent failure to bond with her second baby. We all agreed that Brenda is very good painting a picture with her dialogues.

Phil read a blank verse entitled "No Breaksown Cover" loaded with analogies a lorry driver feels on life whilst following the tail lights of a vehicle in front of him.

Chris read a short poem entitled "Road Kill" which was rather disquieting.

Mary's poem was on the theme written in Limerick form.

Avril read a piece about Chilhood Memories set during the war. It recalled how she and two boys would collect hot shrapnel on their way to school following the air raids.

Cheryl read another instalment of her novel about Chloe, who used to save her pocket money in order to buy new books rather than borrow from the library

Jane told of a stressful night she had just experienced- the cause- a new kitten called Poppy. Jane is gradually gaining the poor thing's confidence but knows it will take time.

Kathy gave us a poem entitled "Inner Self" which was very deep and philosophical about human feelings.

Ian rounded off the meeting by reading a poem about the fate of a fishing boat caught in a storm. It covered the launch of the lifeboat and the feeling of dependants waiting for the return of their loved ones. Very sad but quite marvellous.

The theme for next week is "We woke up late and......."
Hope to see you then. PLEASE lets have some comedy.
. Anne G.

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