Thursday, 9 June 2011

Blog for 8/6/11

There were 22 people attending this week including a new member, Nicola who told us that she had joined a writers course but was experiencing writers block. We hope we can give her the key to unlock it.
MARGARET opened by reading a piece about her childhood spent at her grandmas house in a pit village. It was a very nostalgic view of playing in meadows and making daisy chains. Those were the days.
IARLA then read a lovely piece about going to visit an ageing cousin who was a priest and had experienced many tragedies in his life one of which was the loss of
32 lives in a shipping disaster.
kATHY had written on the weeks theme-Memorable Wedding-about a mother preparing for her daughter's "shotgun" nuptials which happened to be a case of history repeating itself.
JANE gave us an insight into the exotic, happy clappy ceremony she attended in Canada when two ladies got married in spite of the fact they had six children between them and both husbands were in attendance.
ANNE G read a poem on the theme which ended in a free for all.
CHERYL who is writing a novel about Chloe and her ups and downs striving to gain her mother's approval, read a synopsis of her work so far. The group agreed it shows promise
AVRIL wrote on the theme, recalling her son's wedding which didn't start off too well, but we were pleased to learn the marriage has survived and Avril thinks the world of her daughter in law.
MARY read a very amusing tale of her second wedding and how she became the "awful wedded wife" Her husbandd obviously had trouble with the letter L it seemed.
ANN B told of her marriages in Splitz and the Middle East.Oh what a varied life we have had between us.
CHRIS J got married in Cyprus to a Swedish man during the troubles on the island and wrote a poem about the bureaucracy involved.
JOHN M varied from the theme by an account of being left in charge of a promotional stand at a trade fair, which included a competition to win a TV set as first prize and his run in with Bill the Bandit.
BRENDA read a poem about a holiday in Majorca which varied from my memories of that lovely island. She then read her first attempts at several versions of Haiku.
Thanks,Brenda, for showing me the text after the meeting. Daylight dawned when you explained Haiku.
GLYN read an edited version of his train journey from Halifax to Birmingham when, at age 15, he was off to join the army. His characters of Grandad,Keith and the
other passengers were well drawn.
DOUGLAS was the next to read his memoirs of service life in 1947 before being posted to Egypt. I wasn't the only one who misheard his account of polishing his weBBing tackle. [I'm deaf you know]

PHIL then read a poem about the wedding party. Have you noticed he was the only man
who touched on weddings. I'm sure Freud would have the answer.
The meeting closed at 1.0pm with a number still to read. The theme for next week is
GOING HOME. See you then. Anne G.

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