Sunday, 17 July 2011

A Tiny Attempt at a Hot Pen.

This week was HOT PEN and the word chosen was "tiny", hence the picture of the popstar of yore, Tiny Tim.
We were 18 attending and everyone managed to come up with something. Unfortunately for the blog, I didn´t make a note of all these erudite efforts but take my word, they were entertaining.

I did manage to note down the "leftovers" from last week, however.

John McG, in the chair and wielding the bell to great effect from time to time, read out a piece called "Drunk in Dunstable" to the delight of all and John McGilvray read a poem called "Roundabout Rose".

Brenda continued with her novel ,telling, from the diary, of Minnie meeting Lenny again and of sparks about to fly once more.

Mary K read a review of Janet Oke´s " Love Comes Softly", which she recommends highly and Anne G´s review was enthusiastic about M C Beaton´s " Murder By Quiche".

Jane read a poem called "Haystacks" written some time ago on one of her wedding anniversaries.

I have just finished reading the book pictured on the left and would recommend it as a good and very uplifting read. If you ever win a huge amount of money on the lottery, a donation to the founding of schools in Afghanistan and Pakistan would not come amiss.Greg Mortenson, who is the bloke the book is about has been put up as a candidate for the Nobel Peace prize and I certainly hope the Norwegians have the sense to choose him one of these days.

If you are too idle to read anything at all, Sheridan Simove´s book " What Every Man Thinks about Apart From Sex" is a 200-blank-page Amazon bestseller brought to our attention by Cathy.

Till next week! Chris J

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