Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Breaking The Rules.

We were a goodly number today, although I forgot to tot up the exact number. Ian returned as Chair after a few week´s absence. Thank you JohnMcG for doing the honours as acting Chair while Ian was away.                                     

Perhaps because of the heat (?) not that many people had written stuff - I know I was having problems concentrating enough to make blog notes. However, those who had managed to write something did us proud.

 The topic for the day was "Breaking the Rules" and several people came up with something on the subject:

Nicola had ventured into poetry, basing her piece on her time as a social worker with kids suffering from abuse and drug addiction.
Jenny came up with a short poem on the subject about flaunting the rules for a communal pool.
Anne G´s piece also told of a self-appointed dictator in her Communidad who delights in swooping on the merest hint of rule infringement.

The remaining members came up with different, very varied pieces:

Douglas told of working for SHAPE and trying to organise a military exercise, which turned out to be a bit of a nightmare.
Rita described a day out in and around Xativa, an area full of history.
Alan is writing a reminiscence for his daughter,who doesn´t know much about his earlier working years. The piece detailed a period of redundancy in the 50s. 
Brenda´s novel was back in the present day with Belle having trouble with her brother Kenny, who wants to punish Dave, the man who raped her. A real cliffhanger!
John McG wrote an entertaining piece called "ECG" about a man who convinced himself he was going to die.
Jane´s poem"Circle Line", written in France, described the green country lanes where she lived a few years ago.
Mary K wrote a series of limericks.
Cathy gave us a 'Biblical' story - Adam and Eve quarrelling and sniping at each other in Eden. Some members felt it sounded like a story written for children.
Finally, John Edwards read out some exerpts from Writing Magazine articles on different types of poetry. It was decided to subscribe once more to the magazine. Ian will sort it.

That´s your lot for this week, folks!

Chris J

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