Saturday, 13 August 2011

Lively Meeting Despite Low Turnout

Numbers even more depleted this week but lively meeting nonetheless! Ian reported that as a group, we now have 46 members – interesting to see what would happen if everyone turned up one Wednesday morning! Am sure Ian has a contingency for such an event!

Glen and Brenda talked about the valuable assistance they have had from online magazine WORDS 'WITH JAM. Their strap line is 'for writers and readers that like words that stick!' and they can be found at The online magazine is free and a printed version can be subscribed to. They give free advice an assistance to beginners and aspiring writers and say they are the magazine for writers: FREE, easy and a little bit sleazy, just the way you like it. Obviously they are fans of humour and in fact they have a Best Comedy Scene competition running right now but be quick – deadline is the 19th – next week!

Douglas is now a published writer! His poem originally written for his wife, Jean, has been included in an anthology by an old friend. Douglas re-wrote a droll ending for publication – 'Chemistry Between a Man and a Woman.' This may just be the start of his literary career as he has had some of his wartime reminiscences accepted for a compilation publication. Congratulations to him from us all.

Cathy gave us a rant aka letter to a newspaper from the Undertakers Union in Rome a couple of centuries ago complaining about the raising of Lazarus and the consequences thereof.

Also on the theme of the week, rant, Mike gave us a true story about the purchase of some furniture and the lack of service from the store; he threatened the manager with the Daily Herald but had to eat humble pie when the shop manager pointed out, in writing, that that august publication had ceased 2 year prior! A salutary reminder to us all to check facts before going into print!

Brenda read more of her novel; It is 1977, Belle is still reading her mother's diary and her relationship with Matt moves on.

Glynn reported that he has had another favourable reaction from a literary agent and he has a meeting with one in London next month; everything crossed for you Glynn! Meantime he read some more from 'Kandahar'; his hero plans another murder but there is a twist!

Jane gave us an imaginary piece in a letter to the Times from a Shires worthy, complaining about cultural changes in a county town, the tiddlywink contest and the disappearance of the 'essence of Englishness!' Where has it gone?

Mary wrote about a sparrow and its confrontation with a potato.

Avril read a letter to the Editor from an immigrant father, head of a family of several wives and many children, whose experiences since arriving in the UK have amazed him although he continually points out he did not ask for the largesse being showered upon him and his family – 'you gave it to us' he repeats time and again. Food for thought?

Alan read Part 2 of his Redundant Tale; in this episode, he eased back into employment but it was not to last. Part 3 awaited!

So there we have it – short and sweet this week; subject for next is a challenge to write a piece of prose – max 500 words.

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