Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Wednesday 24th August 2011

16 members attended today's meeting, the theme being "The Secret of my Lack of Success".
Before reading her piece, Kathy warned of a web site, Fam Story, which advertises help to new writers on payment of E30. Fortunately, when she attempted to pay by Debit Card the transfer was refused, so no harm done.
          She then read a piece in the first person detailing the list of failures which beset Colin, her character, who was one of life's losers. Just when he thinks he's finally cracked his jinx by surviving a plane crash, life once again deals a knockout blow.

          Gerry read a critique he had received from a tutor group which inspired him to return to his book chronicling the cases of his DCI Farrell. Apparently the book is in an advanced state and as he has introduced members of the East European Mafia, Ian advised him to crack on while the subject was topical.
It really did sound a good read Gerry, we wish you every success.

          Douglas read a piece set in 1971 when he and his family were posted from Mons to Berlin during the Cold War. His description of the car journey through the various checkpoints was very vivid. He hopes to have it included in a proposed anthology of servicemen's memoirs published by Penny Legg, "Under the Queen's Colours".

          After the mid break, Ian reminded the group that we'd like to hear of any successes we had with having items published etc., which led to exciting news from John that he may well be engaged in a book signing event at a branch of Waterstones. Apparently the chain employ event managers to help promote new works and each branch has autonomy to make the decisions. John is also in touch with Penny Legg regarding his service memoirs and finds her very approachable.   He then read his piece for today entitled "Never Again" about Jim, a 63year old serial philanderer, surveying the carnage wreaked on his patio left by his latest squeeze. SERVES HIM RIGHT.

         Mary then read two limericks - Brush up your Shakespeare and To be or not to be. Very clever rhyming, Mary.

         Avril then read about a boating trip to the Ise of Wight. She had invited a swimming coach friend of hers to accompany them, Joan who was about 18stone. Joan was definitely the hook for this tale as she went from one disaster to another. She could be the subject of a sitcom if you have any more tales Avril. a la MIRANDA.

     Maureen's contribution this week was a short poem on the theme, which gave the impression that her children were as vociferous as mine with their opinions.

      Jenny closed the show this week with a fantastic poem entitled "Trafalgar Square" which rattled along listing the people frequenting the square on a Saturday afternoon. It really conveyed the hustle and bustle of  the busy tourist site.

      Hot pen scheduled for next week, see you then.                     Anne Grierson


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