Saturday, 17 September 2011

WRITING THE NOVEL workshop 21 September

Whether you write a romance or a western, a sci-fi or a horror novel, this workshop insight will offer you guidance on how to go about it. There isn’t a right way to write a novel – but there are plenty of wrong ways – and the latter contribute to the thousands of rejections that occur every day.

The idea is to read The $300 Man in a week. I’ve chosen this, as it’s a short novel. The only difference between this and longer novels is in the detail of description and the number of sub plots – longer novels tend to have more of both.


Broadly, the workshop will cover:

Origin of the novel
Plotline – notes of 5pp provided
Character creation – listing of 9pp provided
Character POV
Setting the scene – and using sketches – 2 sketches provided
Beginnings of chapters and scenes
Words to avoid
Beginnings and endings
Symbolism, if any
Chapter headings
Query letter

Nik Morton

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