Tuesday, 22 September 2015


I am on week three of a course with Future Learn examining the work of William Wordsworth in People, Poetry and Places. This exercise is something to look at and do.  What do you think?

This creative task is about engaging with, and sharing, your responses to a particular site that has meaning for you.

Choose a place, preferably somewhere outdoors, that you will go to for this exercise. It should be somewhere that has a particular value for you personally.

Take a notepad + pen and/or a sketchpad+ pencil and/or a camera with you.

Before you set off, think of three words that sum up that place for you and write these down.

When you arrive in the place sit down with your eyes shut for two minutes. Then open your eyes and write down all the sounds you heard or the thoughts you had during that time.

Now look around you for two minutes but without moving position. Write down everything you can see. Pay attention to the immediate, microcosmic world around you. If you prefer to sketch or paint rather than write then do this as well as, or instead of, writing.

If you brought a camera with you, take 4 photographs of whatever interested you or might relate to what you are thinking or take a short video of this. [If you want to make a visual work then feel free to take more visual images as necessary for you and in a range of media]

Return home. When you get home produce a creative work of whatever kind you like from your site visit that communicates the essence of that place and its value to you. You might choose to write just a list of words, or a poem, or a prose account of that place. If you prefer to use the visual materials then make a short video or combine word and image in some way. Be creative!

John Edwards

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